What to Expect at a Slimming World Group | A Pinch Of Advice

You’ve done it – You’ve made the decision to finally attend a Slimming World meeting for the very first time.

what to expect at a slimming world group pinch of nom

Now the panic starts, what do I do, where do I go, where do I sit?! First of all, don’t panic! Read on and find out all you need to know about your very first time at a Slimming World group.

The ‘Sit in Car Park and Overthink’ Period

You’ve told everyone you’re going (or maybe you’re keeping it a complete secret), either way you’ll park up and see everyone walking in.

sitting in the car - What to Expect at a Slimming World Group - A Pinch Of Advice

You’re sitting there thinking ‘What the hell am I about to subject myself to?’

Who will I bump into that I REALLY don’t want to see? Will everyone stop talking, turn around and stare at me?

I can’t comment on the former, but the latter will not happen, I promise.

You’ll more than likely spend way too long overthinking every tiny detail of what a Slimming World group will be like, the best thing to do is get out the car, head for the door and see what happens. It will be absolutely fine!

Let’s just turn around and go home – DON’T!

You walk in, absolutely bloody petrified. It’s a sea of uncomfortable looking chairs (you might be lucky and go to a group with lovely seats – show off), lots of people queuing up and nothing at all familiar.

It gets better, I promise.

Look for the name badge, they’re hardly subtle. That will be your lovely Slimming World consultant who will immediately put you at ease, show you where to go and settle your nerves. Slightly.

You’ll be taken through the new member talk, introducing you to the plan, the stationery and the people that will help you along the way.

You’ll be sat with all the other terrified newbies too, you’re with friends.

It’s not a cult after all…

If you’re anything like me (cynical, suspicious, fat) then you’ll have built up this image of a Slimming World group being all cloaks and daggers, or something like Little Britain’s Fat Fighters.

In reality, it’s all quite normal. All (well, most) of the people there are very normal people.

What to Expect at a Slimming World Group | A Pinch Of Advice
Emma is a writer here at Pinch Of Nom. Emma is a *very* normal person (honest!)

There’s a huge social aspect to a Slimming World meeting that you wouldn’t have thought existed.

Lots of chatting and laughter, all different ages and backgrounds.

After the new member talk you’ll be sitting with everyone else in the semi circle of doom. Again, it’s not that bad.

You’ll hear lots of different perspectives of the plan, some great ideas and helpful hints & tips.

There’s an awful lot of clapping

I cannot overemphasise how much clapping there is. Mosquitos wouldn’t stand a chance of surviving a Slimming World meeting.

clapping - What to Expect at a Slimming World Group - A Pinch Of Advice

However, it’s all part of the encouragement you’ll get in group.

You might be one of those that can’t take help or advice from others in every day life, but it’s something really useful to hear other people’s interpretations of how they follow the plan.

You’ll hear about the different recipes and sources of information people use and have had success with.

You might even hear about that amazing recipe website called Pinch Of Nom, it’s really rather good. Tell your friends!

Newbies, arise

Your fear might be being pointed out as the new kid on the playground, ready for the rest of the herd to stop and stare.

arise - What to Expect at a Slimming World Group - A Pinch Of Advice

It won’t happen, you’ll be introduced to the rest of the group in a lovely manner and made to feel very welcome.

You shouldn’t be asked too much in front of everyone on your first visit to a Slimming World meeting. You can save that excitement for the second meeting.

Attending group for the first time gives you a really good insight into how the whole thing works.

A top tip is to not be scared of talking to others, whether they’ve been there ten weeks or ten years, everyone is there for the same reason, and should always be happy to help you.

Members of the social team (people weighing in, taking money, manning the shop) will also be more than happy to have a chat about things, or to calm you down!

Wherever you look there will always be someone there to help.

Deep breath here we go… will it be high or will it be low?

Your time to shine has arrived.

help not judge - What to Expect at a Slimming World Group - A Pinch Of Advice

Your Slimming World consultant will wave a merry goodbye to the rest of the group, whilst you and the rest of the newbies have to wait behind and complete the all important first weigh in.

This is probably the bit you’re most scared about. If you’re anything like I was, and most people are, you haven’t got a clue how much you weigh. You just know it’s an awful lot.

This is the time to find out. You’ll be surprised about the relief you feel afterwards, whether the result is more or less than what you expected.

You have to keep telling yourself that you’re doing something about it now.

This is also the perfect time to ask any questions to your Slimming World consultant that you might not want to ask in front of other people.

They’re very lovely people and their entire job is revolved around helping you achieve what you want to achieve. They want to help, not judge.

You did it!

You can head back to the car now, flooded with new knowledge and information. Whether the number on the scales was to your liking or not, you’ve taken a massive, brilliant step in the right direction.

you did it - What to Expect at a Slimming World Group - A Pinch Of Advice

You can feel very happy about your decision to join a Slimming World group and take control of your weight and your life.

It’s really not as scary as you think it would be, and the results can be absolutely phenomenal.

To anyone who is terrified at the very thought of attending a group, just do it. Drag a mate along with you, contact a Slimming World consultant beforehand, whatever helps.

Just know that you’re doing an amazing thing, and theres a wealth of support on offer just for you.

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  1. This articulate really helped me in make nag my decision to join. However, I was a little disappointed in the photograph used at the end in the “you did it” section. If that’s what the new member looks like after mustering up the courage to enter then I am going to be the fattest newbie they have ever seen!! 😜😜😜😜

    1. Hi Susan
      Glad you found the article helpful. Joining Slimming World was the best decision I ever made. I needed the accountability of attending a group to help me stick to it. I’ve lost over 6 stones now and I’ve been at my final target since last June.
      The final photo is supposed to be an aspirational image – perhaps something to aim for?! Good luck with your journey!

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