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Thai Green Curry

  • Prep Time
    30 MINS
  • Cook Time
    25 MINS
  • KCals 370
  • Carbs 25G
  • WW Points:
  • 6 Green
  • 3 Blue
  • 3 Purple
4 Servings


For the Curry

  • 750 g Chicken Breasts diced
  • 200 g Mushrooms quartered
  • 200 g Baby Corn chopped
  • 100 g Sugar snap peas halved
  • 2 Carrots cut into thin strips
  • 800 ml Alpro Coconut Drink
  • 4 Dried Lime Leaves
  • 1 tbsp fish sauce
  • 1 tbsp Rice Vinegar
  • 2 Chicken Stock Cubes
  • 20 g Fresh Basil chopped
  • 15 g Fresh Coriander chopped
  • 1 good pinch Salt
  • Low Calorie Cooking Spray
  • 1 tsp Xanthan Gum optional! We don't like ours runny

For The Curry Paste

  • 2 Dried Lemongrass Stalks
  • 2 Green Chillies Medium - Hot, deseeded and chopped
  • 3 cloves Garlic chopped
  • Fresh Ginger 5cm piece, peeled and chopped
  • 1/2 Onion finely chopped
  • 4 tbsp Fresh Coriander chopped
  • 1 tsp Ground Cumin
  • 1 Lime zest only
  • 1 tbsp fish sauce
  • 1/2 tsp Ground Black Pepper


To make the Curry Paste

  1. Put all the paste ingredients into a food processor and whiz to a thick paste, pushing the mixture down from time to time with a spatula
  2. Transfer to a glass bowl, cover tightly (otherwise it will taint everything in the fridge) and refrigerate.

  3. You can make this up in advance and freeze it

To make the Curry

  1. Mist pan with low calorie cooking spray, when hot and sizzling, add the chicken and let it colour on all sides
  2. Remove the cooked chicken chunks from the pan. Add the quartered mushrooms to the casserole and fry until golden-brown, adding more low calorie cooking spray if needed

  3. Pour in the Alpro coconut, the rest of the curry ingredients and 4 heaped tablespoons of the paste

  4. Stir, bring to the boil, then turn the heat down and simmer for 10 minutes, stirring from time to time
  5. Return the chicken to the pan with a further tablespoon of the paste and simmer for five to six minutes, or until the chicken is cooked through
  6. Thicken if you don't like it too runny, and serve

To thicken the Curry - Optional

  1. Place 200ml (¾ cup) of the sauce into a jug and whisk in the xanthan gum a ¼ of a tsp at a time. You will need to whisk well - and keep whisking!

  2. Return the thickened sauce to the pan and stir well - it will thicken the curry!