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Sweet Souffle Omelette

  • Prep Time
    5 MINS
  • Cook Time
    5 MINS
  • KCals 227
  • Carbs 8G
1 Serving


  • 1 egg separated
  • ½ tbsp granulated sweetener
  • 175 g fat free natural yoghurt
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • fruit For filling - strawberries, raspberries etc
  • low calorie cooking spray


  1. Separate the egg into 2 separate bowls.

  2. Add half of the sweetener to the yolks and whisk until mixed thoroughly.

  3. Clean and dry the whisk, then whisk the whites until they form a stiff peak.

  4. Gently mix the yolks into the whites making sure it's mixed evenly.

  5. Add the mix into a hot frying pan that has been spayed with low calorie cooking spray.

  6. Allow to cook for approximately 3-4 minutes, or until the bottom is golden brown.

  7. Place the pan under a hot grill for another few minutes, until the omelette is set and golden.

  8. Mix the yoghurt with the other half of the sweetener, and the vanilla extract.

  9. Turn out on to a plate and fill with your chosen fruit. Then spoon over the yoghurt mix to serve.