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Sticking to a slimming plan can help you achieve great things, on the outside and the inside.

5 Things You Did Before Your Slimming Diet Saved You

It can help you change the way you do things, how you think about food and other boring-yet-useful aspects of life.

However, occasionally you will yearn for what life was like before you started your slimming diet.

There are certain things that you just cannot get away with in your new, healthier life.

Here are just a few reminders of what pre-slimming habits you used to get away with. Secretly you’re quite glad you can’t get away with it these days…

1. Hello buffet, my old friend

Whether it’s a shared work lunch, an all-inclusive holiday or just eating loads and loads of food, it’s something of a distant memory these days.

5 Things You Did Before Your Slimming Diet Saved You

Once upon a time you’d be able to demolish plate after plate without a pang of thought.

Nowadays you’ve got your slimming head on, hunting for the low calories options.

Furthermore, your excessive eating capabilities have somehow disappeared, you’re almost disappointed with yourself with how little beige food you can now scoff down without feeling bloody horrible within the first three minutes.

It’s a good thing, I assure you!

2. Lets call him Hamish…

At the plush offices of Pinch of Nom (we have no office), we’ve got a friend called Hamish.

Hamish can be to blame for many a pre-slimming overindulgence.

5 Things You Did Before Your Slimming Diet Saved You

Order one more pizza delivery than you should have?

Our mate Hamish is over for dinner too, ‘HAMISH, PIZZA’S HERE’ you shout behind you, to nobody ????

Got a proper hankering for pom-bears and no child in site? Baby Hamish is waiting at home with the Nanny.

It became apparent that it’s not just us who used imaginary people to get away with ordering more food, or buying things we really should have done! We’re changed people now.


3. Appearance is everything, now

There was a time where you could chuck anything on and just be happy that it sort-of fits.

5 Things You Did Before Your Slimming Diet Saved You

Then you started your slimming diet, lost a bit of weight and can now fit back into all the nice things you’ve hidden at the back of the wardrobe for the last however many years.

Gone are the days of easy mornings of a very limited selection of clothes to chose from, now there’s thousands of options!

And when you have to dress up smart? Absolute minefield.

This of course isn’t a bad thing really, but it was so much easier when it was just a few tents to choose from.

4. ‘It’s just a bit of a headache’

A famous line from my Mother, who’s best hangover cure is denial. I can write from the heart and soul on this subject.

5 Things You Did Before Your Slimming Diet Saved You

There was once a time before slimming where I could tank quite a few strong lemonades. Usually with little repercussion.

Now? Well, looking slightly less larger than an oil tanker has made it possible for me to be a really cheap date.

This also brings with it the pleasant addition of raging hangovers. Many people in the same boat have reported the same thing.

Obviously I’d rather this than what I was like pre-slimming, but you’re never actually going to LIKE having ‘a bit of a headache’, are you?

Fancy a low calorie cocktail? We’ve got your back!

[wpupg-grid id=”cocktails”]


5. Fast food costs A LOT

If I were to look back at my bank account from before I began a slimming plan and count the amount of transactions that involved sitting in my car secretly eating, I’d run out of fingers incredibly quickly.

5 Things You Did Before Your Slimming Diet Saved You

The biggest implication of this, clearly, is that is costs a bloody fortune! People like to bang on about how costly eating healthily is, but eating rubbish is still a very expensive pastime.

Even if you were to spend more money on slimming friendly food, rather than takeaways and fast food, it’s fair to argue that it’s a good trade off!

You’ll need the extra cash for all the clothes you’ll require to make up for those that now like to slip off at the most inconvenient of times. I’m looking at you, trousers-whilst-running-for-the-bus…

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5 Things You Did Before Your Slimming Diet Saved You

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