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Welcome to Pinch of Nom! We’re so happy to have you here, and we’d love to introduce ourselves and tell you a bit more about our amazing community of incredible, food-loving people. 

Pinch of Nom began when we started our own slimming journey way back in 2016. We quickly discovered that if we wanted to eat healthy, slimming-friendly food that actually tastes good…we’d have to make the recipes ourselves!

We set up a Facebook group for friends and family to share our creations, and today that humble little community is almost 1 million members strong (in fact, there’s over 3 million of you following us across all our social channels!). 

We’re still not sure we’d have believed anyone who told us that our little food blog would one day see us where we are today – bestselling authors with over 5 million books sold. 

One thing we are sure about is how we got here: YOU! The PON community blows our minds every day with the support they show us, and each other. A friendly, safe space to share hints, tips and motivation, it’s these lovely people that are the true Pinch of Nom magic ingredient.

We can’t wait to see where this pheNOMenal journey takes us, and we’re even happier that you’re with us to find out!

– Kay and Kate xx

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5 facts about Pinch of Nom even WE can’t believe are true

We have 11 best-selling titles, including our record-breaking first cookbook (one of the fastest-selling non-fiction titles of all time!)

The Facebook group has grown from family and friends to almost 1 million members

We have over 1.7 million followers on Facebook

And over 1.2 million followers on Instagram

We’re not just Kay and Kate anymore! We have a small but mighty team of passionate foodies at PON HQ.

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