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Christmas Centrepieces Recipes


Our Christmas Centrepieces Recipes will be the stars of the show! Impress with our Ginger and Orange Glazed Ham, Chestnut Stuffing or Garlic Green Beans.

Chestnut Roast pinchofnom.com
Cookbook Comfort Food pinchofnom.com
  • 1HR 5
  • 184KCal
Beef Wellington pinchofnom.com
Easy Peasy
  • 1HR
  • 514KCal
Christmas Bread Sauce pinchofnom.com
Easy Peasy
  • 23MINS
  • 98KCal
Mini Spiced Christmas Apple Pies pinchofnom.com
Easy Peasy
  • 45MINS
  • 153KCal
Chestnut Stuffing pinchofnom.com
Easy Peasy
  • 35MINS
  • 53KCal
Mincemeat Christmas Wreath pinchofnom.com
  • 55MINS
  • 101KCal
Pavlova Wreath pinchofnom.com
  • 116KCal
Frozen Christmas Pudding pinchofnom.com
Easy Peasy
  • 129KCal

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