Getting the Most Out of Your Pinch of Nom Cookbook

The Pinch of Nom Cookbook has finally been released and many of you have you got your hands on a copy. Some of you have been wondering where to get the bits and bobs we use in the book – so here’s a useful list of equipment and ingredients we use.

Handy for recipes in your new food bible…as well as some old favourites from the website!

Getting the Most Out of Your Pinch of Nom Cookbook

You don’t need any fancy or expensive equipment to use our cookbook. We’ve made it really accessible for everyone, and these suggestions are not essential!

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Sticky Tabs/Post It Notes

One thing that many people are finding helpful is some sticky tabs or Post It Notes.

If you want to make notes about recipes and how they fit in with your diet plan of choice, make some notes, even colour code them!

You will be able to quickly see all your notes and keep your book up to date by switching them out when you need to make changes.

Knife Sharpener

You will already have some knives, but how sharp are they? Cooking prep is so much faster, and safer when your tools are at their best. If you don’t have a knife sharpener, this one is a really affordable and effective choice!

The suction pad stops it moving around as you sharpen making it a safe, quick and painless job. We keep ours stuck to the backsplash using the suction for easy access!

If your knives are beyond saving, its worth investing in an all purpose chefs knife. It’s suitable for pretty much everything you will need, and will really make cooking 100% nicer!

Cookbook Stand

The beauty of our book is that you can easily flick through and have it next to you in the kitchen as you cook without worrying about your device going to sleep or scrolling up and down to get the info you need.

Give it pride of place and easy to read on a cookbook stand!

You can even use this stand for your phone or tablet if you are making recipes from our website – it also has a splash screen to keep your Pinch of Nom Cookbook nice and clean!

Slow Cooker

If you like the idea of chucking all your dinner ingredients in a pot in the morning and coming home to a delicious dinner at night, a slow cooker is the gadget for you!

All of our book recipes that are suitable for slow cooking have instructions for both the oven and the slow cooker, so there’s no working out to do!

Mini Muffin Tin

A silicone mini muffin tin makes cooking little sweet treats a doddle! They don’t need any prep before you used them, are really easy to clean and make super cute cakes!

You’ll need a Mini Muffin Tin if you’re wanting to bake our Mini Coffee & Pecan Cakes which can be found on Page 246 of our Cookbook!

If you prefer, you can use a non-stick metal mini muffin tin instead!

We use a Mini Muffin Tin for these Mini Victoria Sponge Cakes!

Getting the Most Out of Your Pinch of Nom Cookbook

Multi-Cooker/Pressure cooker

Pressure cooking is the opposite of slow cooking, helping you pump out delicious meals in a fraction of the time. Invest in a multi cooker you can use it for slow cooking too, what’s not to love?!

Theres a few different options out there to suit all budgets.

The Pressure King Pro is a great option that many of our followers love!

The Instant Pot is another solid choice, and it’s the multicooker that we use whenever we want to rustle up something tasty and fast.

Baking Tray & Cupcake Tin

A good quality baking tray is always a useful piece of kitchen equipment for so many recipes, including those in the Pinch of Nom Cookbook! Try to get the best quality one you can as it’ll last so much longer and you’ll get a heap more use out of it!

If you don’t already have a cupcake tin, then grab yourself one like this from Amazon. They’re super cheap and you can actually use them for loads of different recipes, including those in the Pinch of Nom Cookbook!

Fine Grater

Trying to make a small amount of cheese go a long way can be tricky…which is why we tend to use one of these micro fine graters! We tend to use it whenever we use cheese to save on the Points and Calories by making less go further!

Spring Form Tin

You’d think that you would only need one of these spring form tins to make cakes, but they’re actually really useful for making other recipes too, including savoury things!

Xanthan Gum

We don’t tend to use super fancy ingredients, and although Xanthan Gum sounds exotic, it’s dead easy to get hold of. You can pick some up in the “free from” aisle of most supermarkets, or over on Amazon.

We useXanthan Gum as a thickener, and is a great, gluten free alternative to cornflour!

You’ll only use a tiny amount for most recipes. You can use it in our Fish Pie!

Getting the Most Out of Your Pinch of Nom Cookbook

Peanut Butter Powder

Again, this isn’t as fancy as it sounds! Peanut Butter Powder is reduced in fat (and therefore has less Points and Calories) but doesn’t lose any of that amazing flavour!

If you’re wanting to make the Chicken Satay recipe from our Cookbook (Page 55!), then you can pick up some Peanut Butter Powder either from your local supermarket (it’s normally with the other peanut butters!), or over on Amazon!

We use it in loads of recipes such as this Chicken Pad Thai!

Getting the Most Out of Your Pinch of Nom Cookbook

Or why not try these Banana and Peanut Muffins?

Getting the Most Out of Your Pinch of Nom Cookbook

Haven’t got the Pinch of Nom Cookbook yet? Find out more here!

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