Our Facebook Group Rules

Come join our Facebook group! We have over 600,000 members, who want to help you! You wouldn’t want to miss out on the fun would you?


You might just find the inspiration you need from our awesome members. If you’ve joined already why not invite any friends that may find it helpful?

Our Facebook Group Rules

We want our Facebook group to be as friendly & as useful as possible and to do this we have these rules in place. Please follow them, if you don’t then you’ll probably be removed from the group 💕


Updated: 28/02/18 – Formatting and condensing of rules.

The admin team will sometimes not allow posts that don’t fall into any of these categories, especially if we think the post is likely to cause drama.

All posts are approved at the discretion of Admin and whilst we will always endeavour to give a reason for post refusals, this may not always be possible.

If you need any help with the group etc please email us.

Over 18’s only

This group is only suitable for adults over the age of 18. This includes posts or photos which include mention or the image of under 18s – these posts will be declined.

We know you will be very proud of what your child has achieved, and we have not taken this decision lightly, but even though this is a closed group, sometimes things are copied and shared around the internet.

We’ve seen pictures and posts shared in places that do not have a positive view of Slimming World or weight loss amongst minors.

This results in a lot of negativity directed at the poster, the child and the those that choose to follow certain weight loss or healthy eating plans.

Be nice to each other

Don’t have anything nice to say? Don’t say it at all! Don’t be rude or obnoxious. Manners cost nothing <3

This is also applicable when posting directly to the page – a please and a thank you will go down wonders; a lack of these may result in the post not being approved.

Being polite includes not chastising people over a tweak or lack of speed on their plate. At the end of the day it’s up to the individual. We’re are all sensible adults with common sense!

Want to bicker and argue? Post a “reaction” post (moaning about other’s in the group) Then out the door with you… It will NOT be tolerated.

Posts considered “preachy” or condescending will not be approved.

Also, C-words and F-words may offend those of a sensitive predisposition. Let’s not offend them 😉 Let’s keep offensive language to an absolute minimum please.

No asking for Syn Values

Post on the group are by approval only. If you post explicitly looking for a Syn value then your post will be declined.

This includes;

  • Posting a pic and asking ‘How many syns in this?’or ‘Is this free?’
  • Posting without a pic asking for syn values of a specific product.
  • Creative ways of asking isn’t allowed either. E.g. asking “How on plan is this?” “I think this is about 10 syns, am I right?” “I can’t get on the app, how many syns….” etc

This rule may sound a little odd. But there are other groups on Facebook dedicated to this – so please go and post there. We don’t want to be responsible for people receiving the incorrect syn info & don’t want to get into trouble with SW!

You can ask for Syn values in the How Many Syns Facebook group. Or you can look at Syn values in the Syns Allowed Facebook Group.

No confessionals…

Posting a picture of the pizza/Chinese/chippy takeaway you had last night is not going to motivate anyone. Nor is listing everything you ate when you fell off the wagon. These posts are better shared on your own wall – not the group! This will be decided on a post by post basis.

Bloggers / Youtubers / Instagrammers please take note!

If you want to post links to your own recipes/Slimming World Blog posts… You must ask the admin team first *and* have been contributing to the group for a while. The admin team will decide as to what frequency you can post your own recipes.

The following will lead to an instaban;

  • Joining and posting your stuff without seeking permission first
  • Treating this group like it’s your own. This includes posting about your page/group/instagram/pm’ing other members about other groups
  • Surveying our group members
  • Posting affiliate links
  • Posting Youtube/Facebook videos
  • Facebook Live videos
  • There is a post dedicated to Instagram CLICK HERE – posts fishing for followers will be deleted.

No selling / advertising / network marketing

Of any products/services either on the page or via PM. If you’re one of them and you’d like to sell your wares on our Facebook group then send us an email.

This includes asking the groups opinions on commercial/business ventures. If you do this on the group, it will result in an instaban.

Network marketers (Juice plus/Forever Living/Younique/Avon reps this means you!) you MUST email us to seek permission to join the group.

We’re sick and tired of you joining the group and peddling your wares – so we need an assurance from you that you won’t use the group for that purpose.

If you don’t seek this permission, and you’re spotted by the admin team – you will be removed from the group.

Don’t ask people to add you on Facebook/Email you/PM you

If you ask someone to add you on a post – it will be deleted & you will be removed from the group.

We’ve received reports of someone who asked new members to add them to Facebook, that they were then added by that person into a group promoting Juice Plus.

We’ve seen people offer food planers to find that their intention is to spam too. If you want to share something with the group, please upload it to dropbox or to the files section of the group.

No posting about other groups or Facebook Pages

This seems like a strange rule.

We don’t have anything against other groups of a similar nature, but often we’ve found that mention of them leads to debate or drama and we want to avoid this as much as possible.

There are some great groups out there and there are some that aren’t so great – we don’t want to prescribe which groups should and shouldn’t be mentioned, so we have decided to take the line of leaving all of them out of the group.

No screenshots of recipes or of official Slimming World things

If you’re posting a recipe from another site please post the link and not a screenshot of the recipe. This is so the right people get credit & views for their hard work.If you have to post a screenshot, include a picture of the recipe that you’ve made too.

There are so many screenshots knocking around with stock images of the ‘made’ recipe – but they couldn’t be further from the truth!

Let’s not waste people’s time and money with recipes that aren’t tried and tested. With regards to official Slimming World material, pictures of awards and Hifi bars are ok. However, some things are not ok. This includes, but is not limited to;

  • Pages from the Slimming World New Member Pack
  • Pages from Slimming World recipe books
  • PDFs or Word document collections of recipes from Slimming World books/website/magazine
  • Recipes and articles from the Slimming World member website, LifelineOnline
  • Features and articles from the Slimming World Magazine.

Don’t post affiliate links

If you use affiliate links on this group without asking first you will be banned.

If you’ve been lucky enough to have been sent some free products, and are including pictures of the products in any pictures/referring them – you must disclose that you received product in kind.

This is standard disclosure in line with ASA guidelines.

Don’t ask for medical advice

Please do not ask for any advice related to a health condition/medications and weight loss.

We cannot guarantee the accuracy of the advice you will receive and therefore your post will be deleted.

This includes: asking about syns in medications and asking whether people have lost weight on certain medications/with certain conditions. Please see the relevant healthcare professional.

No ‘which outfit should I wear?’ Or ‘does my arse look big in this?’!

They just cause arguments, these posts will be declined.

No charity/just giving/donation requests

Don’t block the admin team

If you do, we’ll remove you from the group.
And finally, the disclaimer…

This group is UNOFFICIAL and in NO way part of or representative of Slimming World. We’re aren’t trained by Slimming World nor authorised to give Slimming World advice.

Should any advice given here should not replace the advice of your Slimming World consultant. Syn values given, may not always be accurate, and ideally, you should check with Slimming world using official resources such as the Syns calculator, Syns Online on LifelineOnline or by calling the Syns Hotline on 09068518518.Unless very very clearly stated, everything we say on this group comes from us, everything is written by us, and everything reflects our own personal opinions.

We frequently link to posts on our website, where we have ads that enable us to continue to offer our recipes for free. Some posts are sponsored by brands, and if this is ever the case it will be clearly disclosed on our website.

The same applies when an affiliate link is displayed.

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    1. Looking forward to my Husband and my journey into losing weight, following these delicious recipes

  1. Many of my slimmingworld friends have recommended this group, looking forward to trying the recipes, thanks for accepting my request x

  2. Looking forward to help and suggestions for recipes to get back on track of losing weight after losing over 1 stone last year to be my lowest weight for over 50 years.

  3. Hi
    Read the rules, and very pleased to be invited to the group, can’t wait to see all the exciting recipe s to encourage my weight loss

    1. I’ve read the rules and will keep to them to the best of my ability. I am looking forward to being inspired as I do the sw plan meals without rejoining,but it’s working, after 20 odd years. Thankyou for allowing me to join

  4. Hello,
    Thank you for adding me as a member.
    I’ve just read the rules & look forward to trying out some of the lush recipes x

    1. Love cook books in general, especially healthy option ones, I have just purchased the new pinch of non book and love it. So now I am looking forward to getting some more healthy recipe ideas on this fab site….thank you for adding me 🙂

  5. Thanks for adding me to your group. Thanks for group rules too. Nice and clear. Accepted. Now – can’t wait to see some delicious recipe ideas.

  6. Thanks for accepting me. Looking forward to trying new recipes and finding new ideas.
    Have read rules, very clear and precise. Will have no trouble from me.

  7. thanks for adding me im looking forward to some inspiration on my journey to better my health have read the rules/ looking forward to making mouth watering meals

  8. Thank you for the add. Looking forward to enjoying a professionally run group and helping me on my journey.
    Sue price

    1. Have just joined at the point where I am bored and need some inspiration to keep me going losing some weight, so glad my friend mentioned this site.

  9. None of the above poses any problems for me – looks like I shall be burning the midnight oil tonight! Thanks for incuding me!

  10. Thank you again for adding me to the group I have read and accepted your rules and am looking forward to changing my lifestyle for the better

  11. Thank you for adding me, I’m looking forward to searching through your recipes for a bit of inspiration to try and lose some of the weight I’ve put on over the last few month 😄

  12. Adelaide: want. To join your group. Have read your rules and happy to follow. Cannot see a button to click for join. Thank you.

  13. Thanks for the add. I don’t get to stay to group every week due to work commitments, so I’m looking forward to receiving the love and support from this group, not to mention the meal ideas. Yum!!!

  14. Thanks for adding me. I’ve read the rules and I’m now looking forward to finding new recipes, being inspired and losing a pile of weight.

  15. Thank you for letting me join the group. I kept getting emails from Pinterest mentioning you and some recipes look fantastic.

  16. Thank you for adding me to your lovely group, looking forward to trying lots of new recipes. Have read the rules & sounds great to me 🙂

  17. Thanks for letting me join. Looking forward to reading the posts and getting some much needed inspiration

  18. Thank’s for adding me, i’m looking forward to reading peoples posts about their weight loss journey and gaining some inspiration from them, also I can’t wait to look at and try the recipes.

  19. Thankyou for accepting me I have read all the rules I can’t wait to see all the recipes and start cooking x

  20. thanks for allowing me to join, Ive already visited your website and printed of several recipes for next week. Im looking forward to trying them!!

  21. Thanks for accepting me, looking forward to all the advise & support on this site, I have read & happily accept the rules

  22. Thanks for accepting me, I’ve read and agree to the rules, can’t wait to try some new recipes x

  23. Thanks for excepting me to your group, i have read and agree to the rules.
    I have already made many of your recipes and all are very good so im looking forward
    to making many more

  24. Wow! No room for confusion in those rules…Great!
    Looking forward to focused post that support everyone. Thanks for the add Ladies!

  25. Thanks for accepting my request to join, looking forward to trying out some of your delicious looking recipes

  26. Thank you for the add, was recommended this site by a friend, sooo looking forward to other ideas whilst on my journey of weight loss.

  27. Thank you for adding me. I have read your rules and I am delighted to get some extra tips and extra support on my weight loss journey

  28. I have looked at your site and I feel positive about losing weight. Can’t wait to try some of your great recipes.

  29. I have been on my journey for four and a half years and it is great to find a website that is giving me new ideas and inspiration. Thank you for adding me.

  30. Reading the positive posts I feel motivated. I have read the rules and can’t wait to try your recipes. X

  31. I have read the rules and accept them. I am living in Spain for a period of time looking after my sister. So am trying to stay on plan with some new recipes. Thanks for adding me.. x

  32. Hi thks for letting me join 😊 rules read and agree ,looking forward to getting back in to s/w thks again 😊

  33. I have read the rules.. My daughter thinks its a great site can’t wait to get new ideas, thankyou

  34. Fantastic way to run a site and the recipes look so appealing so I’ll definately be given a few a try.

    Thank you for accepting me and let’s hope this adds to the motivation to get slimmer and healthier in 2018.

    Dawny xxx

  35. Hi – Rules read (twice – I followed the link on the first step),
    New venture for me and I’m looking forward to some good cooking – thanks for all the effort you guys put in to keep it positive and good, I can’t understand how some people get abusive in some groups – I’ve left groups because of it xx

  36. Thanks for the add, I can’t wait to try the different recipes 😋😋 especially the gravy! 😍 I know it sounds daft but I could literally cover everything in gravy 😁😁 xx 👍🏻

  37. Thank you for excepting me . Have read the rules. Really looking forward to seeing lovely recipes and checking out your website.

  38. Good evening everyone. Tha k you so much for allowing me to join your group. I have read and agree to the rules I look forward to looking, reading, using and sharing resipies with you all.

  39. I’ve heard so many awesome things about this page and the re ipes and guidance. I’m really looking forward to cooking up a storm while shedding the flab lol xx

  40. Hi, I’ve read your t’s and c’s and agree to stick within the rules at all times.
    Thanks for (hopefully) adding me to your group. Can’t wait to get cooking 😊

  41. thank you for adding me to your site, have read the rules, & looking forward to making some of your lovely recipes (some may need adapting as I’m a coeliac) in the new year.

  42. Hi, I’ve read your t’s and c’s and agree to stick within the rules at all times.
    Thanks for (hopefully) adding me to your group. Can’t wait to get cooking and losing weight whilst making delicious food, very excited!

  43. Thanks for adding me to the group. Have read the rules and accept them. Looking forward to trying some gorgeous recipes.

  44. Thank you I have read and accepted the rules, and glad you accepted me all the way from Australia. Also would I still be able to pre order the cook book? And how? 🙂 Mandy.

  45. Thanks do much for adding me to your group I’m hoping it gives me the inspiration to start cooking healthy meals again .

  46. Thanks for agreeing to let me join the group. I hope that I will now start cooking the right type of meals for me and the family so that I can lose the weight I need to.

  47. I have read your rules and agree with all of them. I just want some food ideas for my stomach and my husband’s and you come highly recommend

  48. Thank you for accepting me to your group. I’m looking forward to getting the book and finding some inspiration on here with all the lovely recipes. My daughter recommended your group. I have read and agreed to your rules x

  49. Thank you for admission to the group. I am looking forward to some great cooking ideas. I have read the rules and I agree to them. ☺

  50. Thanks for accepting me into the group. I’ve read and agree with all your rules. I’m excited to try out your recipes.!

  51. Hi ladies
    I have read the group rules & will make sure I adhere to them.
    Thank you for meeting me join you all.
    I am very much looking forward to seeing posts, reading comments & just generally enjoying the group whilst receiving the support I need on my weight loss journey.
    Thank ladies for all your extremely hard work.
    I absolutely love my PON book the recipes are amazing.
    Thank you for all you do to help everyone of us. Your both such an inspiration & I wish you every success. THANK YOU xx

  52. Thank you for adding me and I’m looking forwarding to checking out the group , have already got the great recipe book , have just read the rules

  53. Hi pinchofnom, am a new member just read the rules, and agree to them, looking forward to being part of the group.

  54. Thank you for accepting me to the group. I’ve got the cookbook, and I’m looking forward to getting more ideas and inspiration x

  55. Thanks for the add. I have read the rules and they all seem very user-friendly. Looking forward to lots of ideas, you two are quite inspiring.

  56. Thanks for accepting me. Have bought the Food Planner and already tempted my hubby with two recipes for next week.

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