Oven Temperature Conversion Guide

In my kitchen, I have a oven temperature conversion guide.  It’s really useful when I pick a recipe that doesn’t give me a fan oven temperature.

Oven temperature conversion guide

Here at Pinch of Nom we use electric fan oven temperatures in our recipes. Check below for our oven conversion chart!

When I was growing up, my mum had an electric oven and hob. I learnt to cook on it, using Fahrenheit as the temperature scale.

I didn’t relate Fahrenheit to anything else, at school I was taught about temperatures using centigrade, or Celcius, but I still used Fahrenheit at home. 

My mum’s mum, on the other hand, had a gas oven and hob. When she passed on a recipe, she would casually say, “Gas mark 4, for 20 minutes.” as though we knew what that would be in Fahrenheit.  

We would come home and frantically search cook books until we found a recipe that used the same temperature.
“Eureka! Got it! Gas mark 4 is 350 degrees Fahrenheit! Get the oven on!”

Oven temperature conversion guide (1)

This was before we could use an internet search engine to find an oven temperature conversion guide!

These days, nobody really uses Fahrenheit. It’s considered ‘old money’, in the same way that schools teach the metric system of measurements.

cumberland pie

Our Cumberland Pie is perfect in the oven!

Centimetres and metres instead of inches, feet and yards. Grams and kilograms rather than stones, pounds and ounces.

I digress!

We thought it would be useful to produce a oven temperature conversion guide, whether you’re using an electric, fan or gas oven.

  Electricity °C Electricity (Fan) °C Gas Mark °F
Cool 140 120 1 275
  150 130 2 300
Moderate 160 140 3 325
  180 160 4 350
Moderately hot 190 170 5 375
  200 180 6 400
Hot 220 200 7 425
  230 210 8 450
Very Hot 240 220 9 475

Here at Pinch of Nom we use electric fan oven temperatures in our recipes.

You could print out our guide to oven temperature conversions and keep it handy for easy reference!


Oven temperature conversion guide

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