Dennis Prescott – Rigatoni Pizza Pie

Dennis Prescott - The Magic Ingredient #010
Dennis Prescott - The Magic Ingredient

We can’t believe it! We’ve reached the final episode of season one!

And while we are all still in lockdown, this does have a few fringe benefits, like being able to talk to food heroes who are slightly more far flung.

Such as today’s guest: the legendary chef, author and host of the Netflix show Restaurants on the Edge Dennis Prescott!

Dennis talks to Kay and Kate about his former life as a gigging musician, how cookbooks changed his life (especially Jamie Oliver), his love of British cheese and there’s a nice bit of sausage talk!

Plus, he picks a Magic Ingredient that makes Kate VERY happy. There’s a bumper mailbag, including the answer to a question listeners send in ALL the time.

Dennis Prescott - The Magic Ingredient #010

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Rigatoni Pizza Pie

When you can't choose between pasta and pizza, we give you our slimming friendly Rigatoni Pizza Pie - great if you're calorie counting or following a plan like Weight Watchers!

Rigatoni Pizza Pie

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