Sponsored Posts

If you are here, it probably means you clicked on an image in a sponsored post.

It means that the blog post was sponsored by whatever company is mentioned in the post. Usually this means we were paid to write the post, but it could just mean we received free samples of the product too.

Whether one of our blog posts is sponsored or not, this is always certain:

Unless very very clearly stated, everything we say on this blog comes from us, everything is written by us, and everything reflects our own personal opinions.

We are not obligated to give a positive reviews of any product, and would never develop a recipe around a product that we did not genuinely enjoy and recommend. Food is important to us, and we will never put money over quality, or let money get in the way of giving an honest opinion.

Creating and maintaining this site, taking photos, making videos and the work we put into promotion & marketing has become our full time job, and posts like this help us keep the site running. IF it wasn’t for sponsors like this, then we wouldn’t be able to do something that we love.

If you want to know more about this policy, please drop us an email.