What’s the best Air Fryer to buy?

Choosing the right air fryer for you

What is the best air fryer to buy?

When it comes to choosing the best air fryer to buy, it really depends on what you want from your air fryer, and how many people you’ll be cooking for. Air fryers come in all shapes and sizes, with lots of different drawers, baskets and accessories, so it’s always good to do a bit of research before taking the plunge.

Most models come with multiple cooking functions, meaning they have different settings to help you whip up slimming-friendly starters, mains, desserts and side dishes. 

Air fryers with a 3-4 litre capacity are usually best for a family of four, while 1-2 litre capacity air fryers work best for two people. If you’re not sure where to start, you can browse a selection of air fryers we recommend on our Amazon Storefront.

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