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Pinch of Nom: Air Fryer is coming on 20th June…

The only air fryer book you’ll ever need is almost HERE! 

You’ve been asking for it, and we’re ‘FRY’nally bringing it to you. Featuring 75 easy-to-make, slimming-friendly recipes and lots of handy hints and tips to help you cook practically anything in your air fryer, this is officially our most-requested cookbook so far. 

Wrapped up inside our snazzy new hardback book you’ll find 55 all-new recipes, alongside 20 Nom favourites that we’ve given an Air Fryer makeover. Drawing on trademark Pinch of Nom flavours, we’ve used air fryer magic to make sure these recipes tick all the boxes: they’re delicious, fast to make AND low in calories. 

Air-frying just got tastier…with Pinch of Nom!

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About our Air Fryer cookbook

Kate and Kay owned a restaurant together on the Wirral in the UK, where Kate was head chef. Together they created the Pinch of Nom blog with the aim of teaching people how to cook. Now, with 11 titles on the shelves and a community of over 3 million followers, we’re bringing you the cookbook you’ve been asking for the most! 

Pinch of Nom: Air Fryer features 75 slimming-friendly recipes that will totally change the way you cook! From breakfasts to desserts, with plenty of quick midweek meals in between, our newest cookbook is full of recipes you’ll turn to time and time again. 

Along with cooking food much more quickly than an oven, air fryers make it possible to get that classic deep-fried crunch with far less oil, meaning they’re ideal for slimming-friendly cooking. Great for so much more than fakeaways, we’ve made sure this cookbook covers the basics (such as chicken and potato recipes), as well as a few unexpected treats that you might not think you could rustle up in an air fryer basket! 

It won’t matter what kind of air fryer you have, or how experienced you are at using it – we’ll talk you through everything, and explain how to adapt recipes for different styles of air fryer. For anyone just getting started, the conversion chart in the introduction is sure to be a game changer; it’ll help you work out how to convert cooking instructions from oven to air fryer timings. With that at your fingertips, you’ll soon realise you can cook just about anything in your favourite kitchen gadget! 

Slimming-friendly, delicious…eat well every day with your air fryer.

Frequently asked questions

How much is the book?

The RRP for all retailers is £20. Please bear in mind that individual retailers set their own pricing and many will reduce this price when the book is released. We do not have any control over the prices set by the retailer. 

Is this book a paperback?

Nope! We really do listen to you all! You asked for an air fryer book, and you asked for it to be hardback, so that’s what we’re bringing you. Pinch of Nom: Air Fryer is only available in hardback format. 

Is the book available on the high street and in supermarkets?

Yes, you’ll find it in all the major supermarkets and bookshops!

Will my air fryer work for these recipes/Does it matter which air fryer I have?

It won’t matter which make and model of air fryer you have, you’ll absolutely be able to make every recipe in this book. 

What’s new for Air Fryer?

This book has been a long time coming! We saw how often our community asked for it, and we wanted to get it right, which meant taking the time to develop the very best air fryer recipes that balanced healthy eating, convenience and taste. We wanted to make sure it worked for absolutely everyone, so you’ll find loads of information in the intro to help you get started, including recommendations for bits and bobs that make air-frying easier, our top tips, air fryer care and more. 

Are there alternative methods in Air Fryer?

We’ve developed an exclusive conversion chart, so (along with the 75 recipes in this book) you’ll be able to cook almost anything in your air fryer. The chart will help you convert any recipe from oven to air fryer.

What chapters are in this book? 

All of your favourites! The following chapters will appear in Pinch of Nom: Air Fryer: Breakfasts, Fakeaways, Bakes and Roasts, Light Bites and Sweet Treats. You’ll be surprised how versatile cooking with an air fryer can be!

Does the book have vegetarian and gluten-free recipes in?

Absolutely! There are 29 vegetarian recipes and 21 that are gluten-free, plus many more that are easy to adapt to meet different dietary requirements. 

Are any of the recipes from your other books in this new book?

Nope! There are 55 brand-new recipes in this book, all created to give you the best results when cooking in an air fryer. We’ve also included 20 recipes from our website that are even more delicious when they’ve been air-fried. 

Is the book full of recipes that are already on the website?

If you’re a big Pinch of Nom fan, you might recognise 20 of the recipes in Air Fryer from our website. These are all popular recipes that are made even more delicious by cooking them in an air fryer, Plus, we know that so many of you prefer to have your favourite recipes in a book, alongside lots of brand-new recipes. 

What nutritional information is provided?

We’ve included clear calorie counts for each recipe, along with helpful nutritional info (calories, carbs, fibre etc) to make planning and tracking food nice and simple. As with our other cookbooks, there will be no values for diet plans, but you can find help with calculating them here.

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