Our Favourite Recipes for a Greek-inspired Fakeaway Night

Our Favourite Recipes for a Greek-inspired Fakeaway Night - Pinch of Nom Slimming Recipes

Imagine taking a trip to the Mediterranean, without even leaving the house…

While we can’t recreate the sunshine and soaring temperatures, we CAN help you to put together a Greek-inspired fakeaway night menu that’s brimming with vibrant flavours and holiday memories.

From light grilled meats to fresh salads and salty cheeses, Greek-style food is one of our favourite cuisines to rustle up at home. It’s easy to give the classic flavours a slimming-friendly makeover, so you can enjoy all your favourite Mediterranean-inspired dishes for far fewer calories than the restaurant versions. Next time you fancy a fakeaway night, why not pick a starter, main and dessert from this list?

Starters and Salads

Whether you’re looking for a lighter dinner option or a smaller plate that’ll set the scene for your Greek-style feast, you can’t go wrong with a crisp salad. Our Greek Salad skips a couple of the traditional ingredients to save on calories, but we promise you still get plenty of refreshing flavours and a moreish crunch. 

Rather than scattering on some olives and drenching the salad in olive oil, we’ve made our own dressing by mixing together some red wine vinegar, lemon juice, water and the pickling liquid from a jar of pickles. Seasoned with salt, pepper and oregano, this zingy, sweet and sour dressing really packs a punch!

Greek Salad - Pinch of Nom Slimming Recipes

When you need something a bit heartier, this Greek Pasta Salad is the answer. We’ve bulked out our favourite salad recipe with pasta, turning it into a dish that’s so handy for lunchtime. You could serve a small portion for a starter on fakeaway night and pop the leftovers in the fridge for the next day. 

This one comes with another twist on the dressing, and if it’s possible, it’s even more delicious. Imagine how good salty feta and zesty lemon taste when they’re blended together with Greek yoghurt into a creamy, light sauce. 

Greek Pasta Salad - Pinch of Nom Slimming Recipes

We can all agree that halloumi fries are simply too good to miss out on. While you could serve them as a side dish, we think they’re delicious served on top of this Halloumi Fries Salad as a starter. 

Forget the deep-fried version, these oven-baked fries are just as crisp and cheesy. Layered on top of a fruity salad, finished with pomegranate, mint leaves and a drizzle of sweet chilli, this dish brings sweet, salty and spicy flavours in every mouthful. 

Halloumi Fries Recipe - Pinch of Nom Slimming Recipes

Beautifully simple, this Baked Feta and Tomatoes reminds us of the hearty, rustic dishes that you might find in a Greek taverna. Balancing sweet cherry tomatoes and salty feta cheese, we’ve baked our ingredients together in the oven until it starts to get all golden on top. 

Rich with herby seasonings, garlic and capers, this dish doesn’t let you down on flavours. It’s tempting to serve it with a wholemeal bread roll so that you can soak up every last bit, although we like to dish up smaller portions for just a little taste before our main course.

Baked Feta and Tomatoes - Pinch of Nom Slimming Recipes

Main Courses

Whether you’re serving a mezze style meal or sticking to one main course, we’ve got you covered. Our Greek-style dinner recipes are easy to cook at home, and they’ll save on both calories and money. 

Lamb Moussaka is a classic for a reason. It’s hearty and wholesome, with layers of tender lamb and aubergine in a rich tomato sauce, topped with cheese and baked to perfection. By making just a few slimming-friendly swaps, our version of the dish comes in at only 295 calories per serving. You simply can’t say no to that!

The key difference is switching from lamb mince to leaner lamb chunks. It’s almost impossible to find low fat lamb mince, which means it’s usually very high in calories. The diced lamb we’re using is much leaner, and you can also remove any visible fat before cooking. 

This recipe may take a little more time than ordering from the takeaway, but it’s so worth it when you taste that first forkful! If you’re not in a rush, you can cook the filling in your slow cooker – find the alternative method here.

Lamb Moussaka - Pinch of Nom Slimming Recipes

Get ready to turn your store cupboard spices into something special. When the weekend comes around, we often find ourselves craving a cheeky kebab! Once we perfected this Chicken Souvlaki and Tzatziki we never looked back – and neither will you. 

Even more flavourful than the takeaway version, this Greek-inspired chicken is marinated in our homemade Souvlaki seasoning, before being browned in a pan and finished off in the oven. 

Our minty, refreshing Tzatziki comes together in a matter of seconds. It’s a match made in heaven with the chicken kebabs – dip them in or load them into low-calorie wraps, and don’t forget to add a spoonful of tangy pickles and crunchy fresh salad. 

Chicken Souvlaki and Tzatziki - Pinch of Nom Slimming Recipes

Delicious kebabs aren’t just for the meat-eaters! These Minty Halloumi and Vegetable Kebabs are an unmissable vegetarian recipe for your Greek-style fakeaway night. Halloumi is the perfect alternative to meat – it has a nice bite to it and it doesn’t melt when you cook it. Just be sure to check the packaging to make sure your halloumi is veggie-friendly (some brands may contain rennet). 

These eye-catching kebabs are every bit as tasty as they are colourful. The skewers of red pepper, red onion, courgette and halloumi are finished with a drizzle of fresh minty sauce that brings the whole dish to life. 

Minty Halloumi and Vegetable Kebabs - Pinch of Nom Slimming Recipes

It’s easy to think of summery flavours when you imagine Greek-inspired food, but if you fancy something a bit more comforting, we’ve got a protein-packed dinner for you. This Greek Style Lemon Chicken and Rice Soup is seriously satisfying, thanks to the arborio rice that’s simmered in the broth. 

As well as chicken, you also add egg to this soup right before serving. With all that healthy protein and rice, this recipe is heartier than you expect a soup to be (and lower in calories too – only 297 per portion!). 

Greek Lemon Chicken and Rice Soup - Pinch of Nom Slimming Recipes

Sweet Treats

Ready to finish off your fakeaway night with something sweet? These Syrupy Cinnamon Figs with Greek Yoghurt are so simple, and so irresistible. A 10-minute dessert with a short ingredients list, this recipe really celebrates the natural sweetness of rich, ripe figs. 

An underrated fruit, they only need a few minutes in the pan with a dash of cinnamon and a splash of maple syrup. When they’re sticky and sweet it’s time to serve with a dollop of maple-infused Greek yoghurt and a sprig of fresh mint – trust us, you need to give it a try!

Syrupy Cinnamon Figs With Greek Yoghurt - Pinch of Nom Slimming Recipes

Typically made with lashings of syrup or honey, Greek Baklava is incredibly delicious, although not very slimming friendly. With a few Pinch of Nom swaps, we’ve made a version that’s easy to make and tastes amazing, all for only 50 calories per piece. 

The key ingredient for this recipe is a low-calorie syrup: we like to use Sweet Freedom fruit syrup which has a maple syrup flavour, for far fewer calories. Drizzle it over your ready-made filo pastry and let it bake until you have golden, crunchy, syrupy perfection!

Greek Baklava - Pinch of Nom Slimming Recipes

What’s on the menu for your next Greek-inspired Fakeaway night?

We want to hear all about it! Let us know if you’re planning a slimming-friendly Greek-style meal soon, especially if you’re feeling inspired by these recipes. 

Head on over to our Facebook group to tell us what you’ll be making. It’s the place to be for recipe inspiration and slimming motivation. Plus, you can always scroll through our Gallery if you’re looking for more ideas of what to make for dinner tonight. 

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