How do you clean the heating element and inside of the air fryer?

Keep your air fryer heating element looking like new

How do I clean the heating element in my air fryer?

Before you clean any part of your air fryer, start by checking the instruction manual for any specific cleaning instructions or safety guidelines! Your air fryer might differ from the model we have in this video – it could have detachable drawers, a detachable basket or look more like an oven.

One thing’s for sure, no matter the kind of air fryer you have: you’ll need to make sure it’s unplugged before you get to work with a little bit of soap and a damp cloth. It takes a fair bit of patience to clean stubborn stains, as you’ll need to be gentle to avoid damaging the coils.

You’ll save yourself a lot of effort down the line if you carefully wipe your air fryer’s coils with a damp cloth between uses, once they’re cooled.

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