1 Syn Each Jaffa Cakes | Slimming World

Here at Pinch of Nom we’ve been talking about a Slimming World friendly version for a few days now. So here’s our 1 Syn Each Jaffa Cakes recipe.

1 Syn Each Jaffa Cakes | Slimming World

For the full list of ingredients and comprehensive instructions, please see the recipe card at the end of this post. Before you scroll, there’s important stuff in the blurb 👍

Imagine our surprise when The Great British Bake Offs first technical challenge was Jaffa Cakes!

1 Syn Each Jaffa Cakes | Slimming World

There are quite a few recipes for Jaffa cakes, but most of them are around 2 syns each, but these are an incredible 1 syn.

As you will probably know Slimming World have brought out some new recommendations regarding the syn value of granulated sweeteners. Slimming World have confirmed what this change means.

Where there is 1 tbsp or more being used per serving they recommend members count 0.5 Syn per tbsp. If using smaller amounts, like a pinch or teaspoon, there’s no need to worry about Syns at all.

The recipe for this 1 Syn Each Jaffa Cakes uses 4 tablespoons of Sukrin and is divided into 12 portions so there is no need to add any syns on for the sweetener itself.

1 Syn Each Jaffa Cakes | Slimming World

You’ll notice that these 1 Syn Each Jaffa Cakes have a drizzle of chocolate on top to keep the syns down. However you could add some more chocolate and cover the entire top of each one. If you do don’t forget to add the extra syns (they soon add up!!)

1 Syn Each Jaffa Cakes | Slimming World

Some of you love this 1 Syn Each Jaffa Cakes recipe!

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What is Sukrin?

We use Sukrin Gold which is an all-natural granulated stevia sweetener alternative to sugar with zero calories. You can grab Sukrin Gold over onAmazon UK.

1 Syn Each Jaffa Cakes | Slimming World

Sukrin Gold doesn’t have that strange after taste that a lot of artificial sweeteners do! It also shares the exact same sweetness and weight to sugar – which makes it really easy to substitute in recipes like these 1 Syn Each Jaffa Cakes.

1 Syn Each Jaffa Cakes | Slimming World

If you are using a powdered sweetener, then please check how it compares to sugar. In some cases you’ll need to use less, as powdered sweeteners weigh less.

That being said you don’t have to use Sukrin – there are lots of other high quality granulated sweeteners available from the supermarket, such as Canderel Sugarly, and Natvia.

You can get the silicone muffin moulds from Amazon

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1 Syn Each Jaffa Cakes | Slimming World

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1 Syn Each Jaffa Cakes

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Rating: 3.85
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Prep Time

Cooking Time

cakes 10 minutes 10 minutes


Weight Watchers

Slimming World 

33kcal 1

Smart Points (Flex/Freestyle)



Per cakes Per cakes Per cakes
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  1. Make up half the Orange Jelly using 1/4 pint of water
  2. Pour the jelly equally into 12 round silicone moulds, then put them in the fridge to set
  3. While you're waiting for the jelly to set put the eggs and Sukrin Gold into a clean bowl and whisk until the 'ribbon stage' is reached. This is when the mixture has thickened so that when you lift the whisk out it leaves a trail on the surface for a couple of seconds. You should probably use an electric whisk for this!
  4. Fold in the sifted flour and vanilla extract
  5. Spray 12 muffin moulds with some Frylight and divide the sponge mix equally between them
  6. Bake at 180°C for 10 minutes, until the sponges are a light golden colour
  7. When they are cool place the set jelly on top of the sponges
  8. Melt the chocolate in the microwave (it doesn't take long so keep checking on it) then put it into a disposable piping bag and snip a small hole in the end
  9. Drizzle the chocolate evenly over the Jaffa Cakes and allow to set

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As you will probably know Slimming World have brought out some new recommendations regarding the syn value of granulated sweeteners. Slimming World have confirmed what this change means.

Where there is 1 tbsp or more being used per serving they recommend members count 0.5 Syn per tbsp. If using smaller amounts, like a pinch or teaspoon, there's no need to worry about Syns at all.

The recipe for this 1 Syn Each Jaffa Cakes uses 4 tablespoons of Sukrin and is divided into 12 portions so there is no need to add any syns on for the sweetener itself.


Syn values given are correct at time of writing but may not always be accurate.

This website is UNOFFICIAL and in NO WAY part of or representative of Slimming World. 

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Although pinchofnom.com attempts to provide accurate nutritional information, these figures should be considered estimates. Varying factors such as product types or brands purchased, natural fluctuations in fresh produce, and the way ingredients are processed change the effective nutritional information in any given recipe. Under no circumstances will pinchofnom.com be responsible for any loss or damage resulting for your reliance on nutritional information.

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    1. It didn’t fall off when we tried them, but it might fall off if you eat them upside down? The drizzle of chocolate should be enough to keep them on 😀

  1. How do you stop the jelly slipping off the cake base? They look lovely so I will be trying them but can only think that the jelly will have to be glued onto the cake with a little extra chocolate. Thanks so much for sharing this recipe.

  2. Hello Julie and Anne- I made these this morning and the jelly stays on fine! The buns are not a slippery surface so unless you plan on eating them upside down, you will be just fine! They are delicious by the way. Just like the real thing but only one syn- cant believe it. I thought they were going to be all eggy but they have a really nice cakey texture, just like proper jaffa cakes! I hate it when slimming world recipes are just sweet omelettes. Thanks Pinch of Nom for another great recipe. Now to try and not eat them all for breakfast!

  3. These look great 😀 I will have to give them a go! Currently on a health kick so perfect that they’re not too naughty!
    Thanks for Sharing!

  4. Oh got to order some Sukrin gold so I can try these. Do you know if Sukrin has aspartame in, as won’t bother if it has, such nasty stuff.

  5. Thanks for sharing! I going to make these with the kids, I think I will set the jelly in a shallow baking tin & use a round cutter as I only have 1 silicone tray with 6 in it X

  6. Sukrin is available at Holland & Barratt stores, so you should be able to check the packaging and see what the contents are. Better than ordering online and then finding it contains something you can’t have/don’t want

  7. These are delicious! I’m not normally a fan on of slimming world cakes as they are often too eggy, but these taste just naughty enough to stop me reaching for the full fat alternative!

    Very nice, a second batch is in the oven right now!

  8. Hi could you use the Sukrin Coconut Flour instead of self raising? If so what quantity as I believe you use less? Thank you

  9. These are amazing – delicious and really easy and quick to make. A definite feature in our house now – I think I prefer them to the real thing! Thanks for another fab recipe PON xx

  10. I’ve made these twice now. They’re lovely. Easy enough to make but I found the chocolate hard to drizzle on as theres so little of it. Taste is gorgeous and everyone loved them

  11. Just made these with my 2 boys and they are yum and have gone down well with the boys….not sure how I’m going to stop myself from eating them all in one go tho x

  12. how are you all melting the chocolate. There’s so little of it that mine won’t go soft enough to drizzle and it’s not possible to spread hot chocolate onto jelly

  13. I really enjoyed this recipe! I must admit I was super sceptical because usually the slimming world based Cakes taste like crap and are a waste of ingredients :/

    But so glad I found this site!!! O my god! Nearly had 12 syns trying not to scoff them all haha! Very easy to make and very tasty 🙂

  14. How do people store these please? I want to make for a taster evening but will need to be the day before. In the fridge? Does that dry the sponge out? Thanks.

  15. I’m going to try this but agree the chocolate will be hard to work with. My plan is to place it in the corner of a zip-lock bag and suspend that in very hot water to melt the chocolate. Hopefully then I can just snip the corner and pipe away.

    1. Hi Roxy
      You can use any sweetener, but Sukrin is the same weight, texture and sweetness as normal sugar so you will have to check the conversion weights for the sweetener you are using. You can usually find this on the website for the specific sweetener

    1. We store them in an airtight container in the fridge, as the sponge is very low in fat. Saying that… they don’t usually last long enough without being eaten! 👍

  16. I can’t seem to get my jelly out of my silicone mounds without it looking like scrambled jelly!! Any ideas? x

    1. Hi Liz
      When the jelly is set you could try placing the bottom of the mould in some hot water for a couple of seconds (not too long or it will melt the jelly) then they should pop out a bit easier

  17. I made these and they were fabulous! I have an aversion to artificial sweetener, so I used sugar…and also put more chocolate on – that made them 2.5 syns each, which I discovered afterwards, is more than ‘real’ jaffa cakes! 😀 On the plus side they tasted delicious and I knew what ingredients were in them. I need get some Sukrin sweetener from Amazon, for next time (and coconut flour).

    1. Hi Carol
      That’s odd as the chocolate should start to set pretty quickly. Maybe try putting it in the fridge, after you’ve decorated them, for the melted chocolate to set.

    1. Hi Louise,

      You need to make sure you whisk together the eggs and sukrin for several minutes in order for them to hold the air.

      Hope that helps!

  18. Hi just made my sponge and they are the size of muffins!! I havnt tried them yet but could it be that I whisked the eggs too long??

    1. Hi Jo
      Buckwheat flour won’t really give the light airy sponge required for this recipe. You’d also need to add a raising agent, e.g. baking powder. You’ll need to check the Syns for buckwheat flour and baking powder, too.
      A silicone mould makes it easier to remove the sponge and the jelly discs. Hope that helps.

      1. Hi janie
        Thanks for the quick reply.
        Yes i think I’ll just stick with the original recipe.
        Looking forward to tasting them x

    1. Hi Lorraine
      An electric whisk definitely does make this recipe much easier! Just think of the body magic you’re doing while you whisk! 😉

  19. Am I right in thinking it’s egg whites and yolk?? I’ve been whisking for 15 mins and still no further! Thanks x.

    1. Hi Kim
      Yes, you whisk the eggs and the Sukrin Gold together until the mixture reaches the ‘ribbon’ stage. This means when you lift the beaters out of the mixture, they leave a trail of mixture, like a ribbon. (The mixture won’t expand in the same way as egg whites do when you whisk them.) Try not to over-whisk, as this can knock the air out of the mixture, meaning it won’t be as light.

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