Everything You Need to Know About Pinch of Nom on Instagram

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If you’ve been with us since the beginning, you’ll know Pinch of Nom started as a humble website and a Facebook group, for sharing and swapping recipes amongst friends and family. Nowadays, there’s nearly 3 million of you following us across all of our social channels, and (mind-blowingly!) that number’s rising all the time.

While we’ll never stop loving seeing everybody’s photos and taking part in the chit-chat in our Facebook group, our Instagram account continues to grow, and we’d love for you to join in the fun there too! Here’s why…

Why should I follow Pinch of Nom on Instagram?

There are so many great reasons to follow Pinch of Nom on Instagram! Not only is it a one-stop shop for all the latest PON updates, it’s also a lively, colourful place to gather inspiration, and chat about what brings us all together…a love for delicious, slimming-friendly food!

The content we share on our Instagram is slightly different to what we share on our Facebook page and in our Facebook group, so it’s well worth following both if you’re not already.


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We know Instagram isn’t for everyone, which is why we’ve summed up our favourite bits of Instagram content for you below. So you’ll know exactly what you’re getting yourself into, before you head to our bio (www.instagram.com/pinchofnom) and hit the ‘follow’ button!

Get inspiration from our main page (the ‘feed’)

Bright and colourful, it’s fair to say you’d notice the Pinch of Nom Instagram feed from a mile away. We love standing out from the crowd and all of our Instagram posts (on the feed and on stories!) are no exception.

The advantage of this is that you’ll never miss one of our eye-catching posts during your morning scroll, and chances are, every piccy will leave you feeling inspired to cook up something utterly delicious!

Take our recent Beef Crumble post as a glorious example. Thanks to our handy ‘New Recipe’ sticker, you’ll be able to spot straight away that it’s hot off the press on our website, and something you’ve never cooked before. 

We’re here to help you mix-up your midweek menu, after all!


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To keep things fresh, we usually share at least two brand-new recipes per week on our feed. We’ll also hand-pick a group of recipes to share throughout the week that we know you’ll love. You can expect a mixed bag of PON classics, seasonal dishes and surefire crowd-pleasers to suit your slimming-friendly meal plan.

Psst! We also send out monthly meal plans by email that you might like to try. Register for a free website account and tick to receive our emails in your preferences. 

Sometimes a photo just isn’t enough! On our Instagram, you can scroll through heaps of mouth-watering recipe videos (or, as videos are known on Instagram: ‘reels’) that’ll have you running to our website to write down the ingredients list (we can watch this Air Fryer Sticky Chicken Nuggets video on repeat).


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We’ll take any excuse to have a natter and that’s still true on our Instagram feed. Every week, we post discussion points around all kinds of topics. 

There’s no need to be shy around our friendly community…especially if it’s an air fryer related chat like this one! We welcome everyone getting involved and tagging their friends too.


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Tap through our stories

Did you know that when you’re in the Instagram app, you can interact with your favourite pages without ever having to view their feed? As long as you’re following someone, the magic of stories will put their latest content right at the top of your screen.

More than anything, we use our stories to proudly share the content that you lovely lot have tagged us in throughout the week! Nothing makes us happier than seeing your posts and knowing that our recipes have brought you joy.

This Creamy Chipotle Beef from pages 138-139 of Pinch of Nom: Express stopped us in our tracks! It looks so good…

A screenshot of Pinch of Nom's Instagram stories where a story from a PON fan who has cooked Creamy Chipotle Beef from Express is being shared.

Please don’t forget to tag us whenever you whip up something delicious from our website, or from one of our cookbooks! We see them all and we re-share as many as we possibly can, so that the whole Pinch of Nom community gets to drool over your hard work.

You can always customise your recipe image with one of the vibrant Pinch of Nom stickers and gifs from our collection. When you’re uploading your story, search ‘Pinch of Nom’ in the gif field to find them!

A screenshot of Instagram's search field for gifs and stickers on stories where 'Pinch of Nom' is being searched for.

Our stories are also a great way to make sure you’re not missing out on the latest posts from our feed. We’ll always share our most important updates on stories, so we know everybody’s kept in the loop!

We also regularly update our stories with scrummy goodies that we think you’ll be in the mood for. If you’re tempted by our Microwave Lemon Lava Cakes story, it’s really easy to just click the link at the bottom – it’ll take you straight to the full recipe on our website!

A screenshot of Pinch of Nom's Instagram stories where the recipe for Pinch of Nom's Microwave Lemon Lava Cakes is being shared with a link to the recipe.

Follow our PON Pals broadcast channel

If you’re already following us on Instagram, you have the option to join our PON Pals broadcast channel. It’s basically a private inbox where we can message you (and nearly 10,000 other lovely Pinch of Nom fans) directly to tell you all about exciting bits of Pinch of Nom news…often before anybody else knows!

A screenshot of Pinch of Nom's PON Pals broadcast channel on Instagram, sharing an announcement about an upcoming cookbook, Pinch of Nom: Air Fryer.

Just like with our email list, our PON Pals get ‘first dibs’ on the latest cookbook news, recipe updates, video content and more! Our Air Fryer Chipotle Popcorn Chicken hasn’t stopped going down a storm since it was first broadcast.

A screenshot of Pinch of Nom's PON Pals channel from Instagram where a brand-new recipe for Air Fryer Chipotle Popcorn Chicken is being shared.

Sometimes, we’ll even randomly share our thoughts and ideas in there to see how you feel about them. We had to take a vote on whether you’d be dipping our Cheesy Garlic Naan in curry or bolognese – like so many of our questions, it was a close one!

A screenshot of Pinch of Nom's PON Pals broadcast channel where a poll has been sent asking the PON Pals to vote on whether they'd prefer bolognese or curry with Pinch of Nom's Cheesy Garlic Naan recipe.

Save recipes in Collections

A little-known Instagram feature that’s really handy for recipe hunting and meal-planning is the ability to ‘save’ posts into collections. You can personalise the collections to suit your interests and goals, by categorising them with different names.

To save a post, you press the bookmark-shaped icon in the bottom right corner of an image or reel, and then select the collection you’d like to file it in (or choose ‘New collection’ if you’ve yet to make one).

A screenshot of Instagram where a Collections folder is being created to save recipes, named 'Pinch of Nom'.

It’s a trick we find really useful when we’re in a bind over what to make for dinner. By putting a group of Pinch of Nom recipes that you’ve already curated at your fingertips, there’s always going to be something you fancy eating waiting for you.

A screenshot of a Collections folder from Instagram named 'Pinch of Nom' where a number of different dishes have been saved.

A simple ‘Pinch of Nom’ collection will do, but there’s no limit to how many you can save, and how many groups you can have. Why not create separate files for fakeaways, midweek meals, special occasions and sweet treats? It’ll make searching for inspiration even quicker!

If you ‘like’ the sound of our Insta, we’ll see you there! 

Once you’ve hit the ‘follow’ button in our bio, don’t forget to stop by and say hello! Comment on our posts, or tag us in your stories and in your recipe photos on the feed (@pinchofnom) so that we don’t miss them. 

You can always send us questions in our direct messages on Instagram, cooking related or not! At busier times, you might want to post your question in our Facebook group, where we have almost 1 million speedy community members who are always happy to help.

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