Using the Pinch of Nom Facebook Group

We love our Facebook group and all of the support that our amazing community give each other! In busy times, you may notice that the amount of Pinch of Nom posts on our group grows and that this may have an impact on your timeline.

Our Facebook Group exists as a support group and so it’s important to remember that – wherever you are in your slimming journey – we don’t all know everything!

Because of this, questions that might seem like they have obvious answers to you, aren’t as obvious to others – and they could probably do with you using your expertise to answer!

We do understand, however, that not everyone wants Pinch of Nom taking over their entire Facebook feed all of the time (we don’t hold it against you – we promise!) and so here are some tips on how you can use our group in different ways.

Give me ALL the Nom!

Do you love the group and love all the posts? Do you LOVE the busy times because it means more Nom? Us too!

If this is you then you don’t need to do anything. Just keep on enjoying the tips and recipes and supporting others on their slimming journey!

Stop the notifications!

Using the Pinch of Nom Facebook Group | Slimming World

So, you love all of the posts and you also love the busy times… But why on earth do you keep being told about them?? Don’t panic, there’s a really simple solution! You can turn off the notifications.

Using the Pinch of Nom Facebook Group | Slimming World

Just go to the group page and select the group information (on mobile) or the ‘notifications’ drop down (on a computer).

From here, you can edit your notification preferences to turn off the notifications completely, receive highlights or get notifications for all posts. You can also just select to receive notifications when your friends post, which means that you’re not missing out on anything!


Notification Settings


Stop Pinch of Nom being in my feed!

At busier times, the amount of posts appearing in your feed can grow by quite a lot! Sometimes you just want to see more of your friends’ posts, or you may even have momentarily fallen off the slimming wagon (it happens!) and just can’t face the group right now.

Using the Pinch of Nom Facebook Group | Slimming World

You can choose to dip in and out of the group as and when you want by unfollowing the group. This means that you can still access and interact with the group, but posts won’t appear in your feed

I’m done ☹️

Oh no! Look, we get it – sometimes life just gets in the way! Although we don’t want to lose anyone, it’s totally ok for you to leave the group.

Using the Pinch of Nom Facebook Group | Slimming World

Remember that you can always just unfollow the group (see above) to give yourself a bit of a break, but if you’d rather leave entirely then that’s fine too. If you want to rejoin in the future, then jut send us another request – we’ll never hold it against you!

What group?

Are you confused by everything above? Not in our Facebook group? You probably need to be! Now that you now how to use it, you’re a pro before you’ve even started.


I literally can’t get enough!

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If you get stuck with any of the above, please let admin know and we can help further. We want the group to work for everyone and would rather you see a post once in a while than decide to leave because your settings aren’t to your liking!



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