Ham and Cheese Spinach Swirls

  • 10MINS
  • 20MINS
  • 89KCAL

These tasty pastry swirls look so good, it's hard to believe they're so easy and quick to make! We've stuffed light puff pastry with lean ham and cheese, and added baby spinach leaves for a burst of extra nutrients. Serve them warm for a weekend breakfast treat, or with a crisp fresh salad for a more substantial lunch.

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Ham and Cheese Spinach Swirls pinchofnom.com

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Make sure the spinach leaves are completely dry before using, otherwise they may make the pastry soggy, and use small baby spinach leaves as they will roll up well inside the pastry. most cooked sliced ham is gluten free, but do check as some isn't.

Swap This

Swap the ham for cooked bacon or chicken.

Easy and quick!
I didn’t have Parmesan so used grated mozzarella, adjusted the calories accordingly. Worth the extra as they taste amazing!!!
Add sprinkle dried herbs
I added a sprinkle of dried herbs to add extra flavour and egg washed the tops before baking to give a golden glow.
Wow, so easy but super tasty
Use a big baking tray or 2 as they need to have gaps, otherwise they stick together.
Brilliant recipe, easy to follow with flavoursome ingredient
I always line up my ingredients, weigh them and put them in order, makes it so much easier to put the dish together. This is a flavoursome recipe which can be used as a lunch, breakfast snack or buffet item.
Made using lightest Philadelphia with herbs
I substituted the light cream cheese for Philadelphia lightest cream cheese with herbs and it took these to the next level
Tasty swirls
Make sure you use flour or oil under your pastry before you start filling it, otherwise its really hard to roll.
easy and tasty
Swapped out the cream cheese and parmesan for dairy free alternatives as I'm lactose intolerant but these came out beautiful, my partner liked them too. They're all boxed up ready for my lunchbox this week
So easy to make and so delicious
I used the pastry straight out of fridge although it was stiff I found it easier to roll up and cut
Easy will try different fillings next time
Space out well on baking sheet
Flouring my hands made rolling the pastry easier 😊
These are fantastic to cook and eat
A great recipe that the grandkids enjoyed helping out with - can add extras or adapt the recipe to suit very easily
What a treat!
Can use a different combination of meat/or veggie option if wanted and still tastes amazing
Love these, great snack or as part of a buffet spread!!
Lovely with ham or bacon.
Sprinkling the cheese on top
We enjoyed using primular cheese spread on the pastry, add the ham, roll then top with cheese.
So simple to make, delicious and enjoyed by all ages!
Don’t completely unroll the pastry out flat, leave the edge curved to make it a tighter roll.
Fridge tip
Before slicing, refridgerate for ten minutes and make sure you have cool hands, and using a serrated knife they will cut like butter!
It can take more spinach
Made this twice now and put extra spinach in, it’s lovely. An all round favourite
Make sure they are spread out. The smell from the cheese combination is divine.
Super easy
Using the paper wrapped around the pastry definitely makes it easier to roll up.
Ensure pastry is cold so it's easy to roll and slice with a cerrated knife.

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See what others have to say

PamelaSunday 20th August 2023

Can you freeze these swirls and if so at what stage please? Also if you can freeze them, can you cook them straight from frozen? Thanks.


    SharonMonday 16th October 2023

    Hi Pamela, yes, you can freeze our Ham and Cheese Spinach Swirls after baking. Defrost thoroughly in the fridge then reheat in the oven for a few minutes. You can find the blue freezer badge at the top of the page which lets you know this is suitable for freezing. Hope this helps.


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