Coconut and Jam Sponge

  • 10MINS
  • 25MINS
  • 103KCAL

Remember that sweet, fruity coconut and jam sponge you used to have as part of your school dinner? With our slimming-friendly take on this classic pudding, even grown-ups can enjoy it all over again! By swapping half the sugar for sweetener, this recipe brings all of the flavour without the extra calories. You'll still get that raspberry, coconutty hit and it's perfect when served with creamy custard or alongside a cuppa for an afternoon pick-me-up.

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Coconut and Jam Sponge

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Hubby doesn't like coconut...I used crumbled flake bar on his half.
Reduce the calories even further!
I used Good Good Sweet Rasperry Jam (27cal per 100g) and mixed it with a tbsp of NKD Granulated Erythritol
Sweet & Scrummy
Delicious on its own as a little sweet snack, amazing with a spot of custard!!
So quick to throw the ingredients together
I'm going to try making it with cherry preserve and flaked almonds on top....cherry bakewell style🍒. Watch this space P0N 👀 Used a round cake tin as don't have a square one, still perfect.
I buy the square foil containers, ideal size
I made 3 at a time. Slice and put in the freezer. Ready to take out after your Sunday roast & just add custard.. yummy
12 Small Cupcakes
It is just as easy to make small cupcakes instead of the square.

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‘A lovely sweet treat for an afternoon cuppa.’

Marie Holmes

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See what others have to say

Mrs.Mitch08Wednesday 2nd November 2022

Could you swap the sweetener out for normal caster sugar? If so would you still use the same amount weight wise? I know it will affect the calories but that’s okay with me when it comes to pudding! Thank you 😄


    SharonWednesday 2nd November 2022

    Hi, yes, you can swap the granulated sweetener for caster sugar if you prefer. You will need to use a total of 100g of caster sugar in this recipe. Enjoy the recipe!


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