Do silicone liners stop things from cooking as well in an air fryer?

Everything you need to know about silicone liners

Silicone liners in an air fryer

In our video, we show you what happens when you cook chips in an air fryer with and without a silicone liner.

The truth is, silicone liners do affect how crispy and golden your food comes out of the air fryer, but they don’t stop foods from cooking thoroughly. The advantage of using a silicone liner is that you can easily remove it from your air fryer basket or drawer and scrub it clean in the sink, without worrying about grease in your air fryer’s main unit.

All of the recipes in our Air Fryer cookbook (and on our website) will tell you if it’s better to use a silicone liner or not, so you don’t have to waste time guessing!

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