Banana and Peanut Muffins

  • 10MINS
  • 15MINS
  • Serves 16
  • 53KCAL

These slimming friendly Banana and Peanut Muffins are a perfect breakfast for calorie counting or plans like Weight Watchers!

  • Bakes and Roasts
  • Batch Cook
  • Breakfast

NutritionPer Serving

  • Calories53
  • Carbs7g
  • Protein2g
  • Fat1g
  • Saturates0.3g
  • Sugars1g

Banana and Peanut Muffins - Pinch of Nom Slimming Recipes

For the full list of ingredients and comprehensive instructions, please see the recipe card at the end of this post. Before you scroll, there’s important stuff to know in the blurb!

Breakfast is an easy meal to miss, especially when you’re on the go, getting ready for work, getting the kids up or working shifts.

We’ve found it to be such an important meal to eat as if we don’t have something in the morning, we tend to want to snack all the way to lunch, so we’ve created these tasty Banana and Peanut Muffins so there’s no excuse to go hungry all morning!

These muffins can be eaten on the go or served with some fruit and yoghurt. You can make them in advance to save yourself time in the morning, or even if you fancy a mid morning pick-me-up instead of heading for the vending machine.

What diets are these Banana and Peanut Muffins suitable for?

These Banana and Peanut Muffins are suitable for vegetarians.

Please make sure to double or triple check all of your ingredients if you’re cooking for people with allergies.

Do you need any special ingredients to make these Banana and Peanut Muffins?

Firstly, you will need some Peanut Butter Powder.

Peanut Butter Powder is a fantastic ingredient that means you can enjoy recipes like these muffins or Satay Chicken without ruining your weight loss goals. But what is it, and where can you get it?

It is made by pressing out most of the natural oils from roasted peanuts and then grinding the nuts into a fine powder. The result is a powdered peanut product that retains all the flavour with far less of the fat and calories. There are a variety of brands depending where you buy from. Stockists of Peanut Butter Powder include Asda, Holland & Barrett, Lakeland and some Aldi stores.

Some people have also used a powdered Peanut Butter Drink like Peanut Hottie. It will work, but check the nutritional information as it varies from the powdered peanut butter powders above.

Secondly you will need some granulated sweetener which is a sweetener that has the same weight and sweetness as sugar e.g. Canderel Sugarly or Natvia, NOT the finely powdered sweetener, which weighs less than sugar so you may need less of in this recipe.

And of course, you can always substitute for sugar! Keep in mind this will effect the calories so check how this fits into whatever weight loss plan you are following.

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Added drizzle to top
I mixed 1 tsp if sweet freedom choc shot with 1 tsp of peanut butter powder and drizzled on top.
Added choc shot drizzle
I mixed 1 tsp of Sweet Freedom choc shot syrup with 1 tsp of Peanut Butter Powder and then drizzled on top

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‘Delicious with Greek yoghurt, fruit and a tiny drizzle of honey.’


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If you’re struggling to find it in your local supermarket you can pick some up on Amazon here.

If you are struggling to find it in your supermarket, there’s lots of options for sweetener available on Amazon.

How many calories are in Banana and Peanut Muffins?

These muffins are not just good for brekkie but also make a fab treat with a cuppa – and at just 53 calories each they’re not costly for your daily allowance either!

There are 53 calories per muffin in this Banana and Peanut Muffins recipe, which means it falls into our Everyday Light category. 

These Banana and Peanut Muffins are perfect if you’re following a calorie controlled diet, and fits well with any one of the major diet plans such as Weight Watchers. 

As a guide, an average man needs around 2,500kcal (10,500kJ) a day to maintain a healthy body weight. For an average woman, that figure is around 2,000kcal (8,400kJ) a day. 

Obviously, if your goal is to lose weight then you might want to adjust these slightly! You can read more about these recommendations on the NHS website.

Step 1

Preheat the oven to 160 degrees. In a bowl, mash the banana and whisk in the egg, yoghurt and granulated sweetener until frothy.

Step 1 Step 1

Step 2

Fold in the oats, flour, baking powder, baking soda, P2B powder and water ensuring it is all fully mixed together.

Step 2 Step 2

Step 3

Line muffin tins with 16 paper cases and spoon in the mixture to eat one. Sprinkle a little cinnamon over each cake and bake for 15 minutes until golden and cooked through.

Step 3 Step 3

Step 4

Cool on a wire rack and enjoy!

Banana and Peanut Muffins - Pinch of Nom Slimming RecipesWhat should you serve with these Banana and Peanut Muffins?

You can enjoy these on their own or serve with one of the suggestions below;

  • Natural Yoghurt and Berries
  • Sliced Banana and a drizzle of honey
  • A cup of tea or coffee
  • Nutella  or Choc Shot drizzled on top
  • A scoop of low fat vanilla ice cream (for dessert rather than breakfast!)

How do you know when these Banana and Peanut Muffins are cooked?

Once the muffins look golden, you can poke with a skewer to check they are cooked through. If the skewer comes out dry you know they are done.

Try not to open the oven to check them until they look ready as this will effect the heat in the temperature, and potentially the rise.

They will take around 15 minutes in the oven (160°C) to cook.

Standard advice here in the UK is to cook food until it has reached 70°C and stayed at that temperature for 2 minutes. This is to keep your family safe.

How long can you keep these Banana and Peanut Muffins in the fridge?

You can keep these muffins in a cake tin or in the fridge after they have cooled for 3 days or so.

Can I freeze these Banana and Peanut Muffins?

Yes you can!  They can be made and frozen once cooled, just get out of the freezer the night before you want to eat them and make sure they’re thoroughly defrosted before eating.

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Banana and Peanut Muffins

These slimming friendly Banana and Peanut Muffins are a perfect breakfast for calorie counting or plans like Weight Watchers!
  • Prep Time
    10 MINS
  • Cook Time
    15 MINS
  • KCals 53
  • Carbs 7G


  • 50 g oats
  • 50 g wholemeal self-raising flour
  • 3 eggs
  • 1 banana
  • 3 tbsp fat free Greek yogurt
  • 3 tbsp water
  • 3 tbsp granulated sweetener
  • 2 tbsp P2B powder
  • 1 tsp baking soda
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 1 tsp cinnamon

We use a fan assisted oven for all of our recipes. Check out our oven temperature conversion guide.

Please do not screenshot this. Recipes are updated often


  1. Pre-heat the oven to 160 degrees. In a bowl, mash the banana and whisk in the egg, yoghurt and granulated sweetener until frothy.
  2. Fold in the oats, flour, baking powder, baking soda, P2B powder and water ensuring it is all fully mixed together.
  3. Line muffin tins with 16 paper cases and spoon in the mixture to each one. Sprinkle a little cinnamon over each cake and bake for 15 minutes until golden and cooked through.
  4. Cool on a wire rack and enjoy!

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See what others have to say

AngieWednesday 25th September 2019

Can you just use peanut butter instead of the powder? Thanks


    Sharon FitzpatrickThursday 21st May 2020

    Hi Angie, we haven’t tried these with peanut butter, but it should work. Try using 1 tbsp peanut butter and mash it with the bananas in step 1, before proceeding with the rest of the steps. Thanks for your question..


KarenTuesday 9th July 2019

Where in the supermarket do l look for p2b?


    Holly LevellWednesday 13th May 2020

    Hi Karen, it depends on the supermarket but try down with the other spreads and jams or the health food aisle. Hope that helps!


MichelleFriday 1st March 2019

Hello – these look fab I’m going to make tonight. I have Sukrin 1 but not the gold – does this matter? Thank you 🙂


Tracey CollinsSaturday 9th February 2019

160 degrees is only about number 2.5 on a gas cooker, that seems really low…is it correct?


SineadTuesday 5th February 2019

Can you use the ingredients to make a loaf instead of muffins?


Louise TaylorSaturday 10th March 2018

I’m attempting to bake these today but don’t like peanut butter. Is there anything else I could use instead like nuts or another fruit alongside the banana? Thanks 🙂


Claire LuceySunday 4th February 2018


Thanks for the recipe. I can’t wait to try. I only have wholemeal flour, and not wholemeal self-raising flour. Can you tell me how I can adjust it?


NicolaThursday 1st February 2018

When you say the amount in teaspoon, tablespoon etc. Do you mean flat, rounded or heaped?


Carly Marie TaylorThursday 18th January 2018

Can I use gluten free flour?


GeorginaMonday 15th January 2018

I’ve just made these but unsure if I should have mixed the P2B with water before add8ng to the recipe?


Sonya NicholasSunday 14th January 2018

Can you use the chocolate pb2?


LisaSunday 7th January 2018

Is this for normal size muffins or mini


ZeThursday 4th January 2018

Hi if the banana isn’t used will it effect the fluffiness of the muffin or can I swap in something else as I’m allergic to bananas. Thanks


Katherine GilesThursday 4th January 2018

Hi there. I thought I finally had all the ingredients for these but I only have eat free natural yoghurt not Greek. Is that ok please?


LauraWednesday 1st November 2017

I made these and the texture wasn’t very nice…I didn’t put the baking soda in so I’m guessing that was the cause! Tasted nice though!


KatrinaMonday 9th October 2017

Hi, when you say whisk til frothy, do you use an electric whisk or with a fork? I’m not good at this folding in thing lol


Lisa JessSunday 8th October 2017

Does anyone know how long these last I made 8 yesterday and and they are delicious but not sure how soon I need to freeze them


    Emma TSunday 8th October 2017

    Hi Lisa,

    They should last a few days – it is best to freeze them as soon as possible ????


JadeTuesday 26th September 2017

Thanks, Also do you mix the peanut powder with water first before adding it in?


JadeFriday 22nd September 2017

Hi, is it self raising flour of plain?


ShirleyThursday 21st September 2017

Can you use quark instead of Greek yogurt please


Emma TMonday 11th September 2017

Hi Theresa,

It’s 16 muffins as stated on the recipe ????


AmethystThursday 31st August 2017

where can you buy PB2?


    NickiFriday 31st January 2020

    Hi. Can anyone tell me what P2B powder is + where I might find it please. Would love to try these to soothe my sweet craving.


      Sharon FitzpatrickTuesday 12th May 2020

      Hi Nicki, thanks for you question. P2B powder is peanut butter powder. It’s made by pressing out most of the natural oils from roasted peanuts and then grinding them into a fine powder.This retains the flavour of peanuts but the product has far less fat and fewer calories.You can find it in Asda, Holland and Barrett, Lakeland, some Aldi stores and Amazon. Do hope this helps and you enjoy this recipe.

FionaMonday 14th August 2017

These are lovely but I find they stick to the paper cases, do yours, should I spray them with frylight before filling?


    Emma TMonday 11th September 2017

    Hi Fiona,

    I think it depends on the cases – you could try spraying them ????


Michelle MorleyFriday 11th August 2017

Any idea where to get the PB2 from? Have never seen or heard of this – but then again have never seen it in a recipe before!


marieTuesday 8th August 2017

hi there can you use PB fit peanut butter powder from asda ???


Emily TylerTuesday 8th August 2017

I’d like to make this today, but only have plain or strong white flour in the cupboard. Could I use either of those instead?


AnnWednesday 21st June 2017

What does bake for 15 mins until folder on the banana and peanut muffins mean, please


    Emma TWednesday 21st June 2017


    Should read “golden” not folder…I’ll amend the recipe now 🙂


NicolaWednesday 21st June 2017

Can you just use Peanut Butter?


Chris GerrardSunday 18th June 2017

Is there an alternative to the banana, another fruit that works in this recipe? I loathe bananas!


Dolly EyesSaturday 17th June 2017

How much yogurt do you need. It’s in the method but not listed in ingredients


    Emma TSaturday 17th June 2017


    Well spotted! I’ve updated the recipe!


    Emma T


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