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Back in December 2019, after squirrelling away doing squirelly things behind the scenes, we released our very first cookbook!!

The book features 100 recipes – around 80 of them BRAND NEW. Full colour photographs, hardback, a quality book that will stand up to frequent use in the kitchen and feel great to flick through when you’re planning your weekly meals… psst… we have a brand new planner too!

Each recipe was taste tested by twenty members of the Pinch of Nom community. We hate it when you spend ages on a recipe and it looks sad and unappetising compared to the lovely photographs, so our taste testers help to ensure that they are simple to follow, look (and more importantly!) taste as good as we planned! 

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Other recipes from the book...

Creamy Garlic Chicken
Cookbook Pinch of Nom Cookbook
  • 30MINS
  • 260KCal
Honey Chilli Chicken
Cookbook Pinch of Nom Cookbook
  • 35MINS
  • 308KCal
Sloppy Joes
Cookbook Pinch of Nom Cookbook
  • 35MINS
  • 268KCal
Vegetable Biryani
Cookbook Pinch of Nom Cookbook
  • 25MINS
  • 302KCal
Cheeseburger Pizza
Cookbook Pinch of Nom Cookbook
  • 30MINS
  • 343KCal
Chicken Fajita Pie
Cookbook Pinch of Nom Cookbook
  • 55MINS
  • 492KCal
Turkey Keema
Cookbook Pinch of Nom Cookbook
  • 35MINS
  • 336KCal
Cookbook Pinch of Nom Cookbook
  • 10MINS
  • 108KCal
Chocolate Eclairs
Cookbook Pinch of Nom Cookbook
  • 1HR 10
  • 109KCal
Cheese Twists
Cookbook Pinch of Nom Cookbook
  • 30MINS
  • 32KCal
Chicken Dippers
Cookbook Pinch of Nom Cookbook
  • 30MINS
  • 287KCal

About the book

Sharing delicious home-style recipes with a hugely engaged online community, has helped millions of people to cook well and lose weight.

The Pinch of Nom cookbook can help novice and experienced home-cooks enjoy exciting, flavourful and satisfying meals.

There are 100 incredible recipes in the book, 33 of which are vegetarian. Each recipe has been tried and tested by twenty Pinch of Nom community members to ensure it is healthy, full of flavour and incredibly easy to make.

Whether it’s Cumberland Pie, Mediterranean Chicken Orzo, Mexican Chilli Beef or Chicken Balti, this food is so good you’ll never guess the calorie count. The recipes are labelled with helpful icons to guide you towards the ones that suit you best – whether you’re looking for something veggie, fancy a fakeaway, want to feed a family of four or have limited time to spare.

Kate and Kay owned a restaurant together on the Wirral, where Kate was head chef. Together they created the Pinch of Nom blog with the aim of teaching people how to cook.

They began sharing healthy, slimming recipes and today Pinch of Nom is the UK’s most visited food blog with an active and engaged online community of over 1.5 million followers.

Showing that dieting should never be a barrier to good food, Pinch of Nom is the go-to home cookbook for mouthwatering meals that tick all the boxes.

Frequently asked questions

How much does the book cost?

The RRP is £20 for all retailers, however individual retailers set their own pricing and many will reduce this price – we don’t have any control over how the retailer sets their pricing or when they will take the payment.

We advise that you shop around for the best price – as you would with any purchase.

Some retailers listed here will take the payment right away, others will only take the payment on dispatch. Please check with the retailer that you’ve chosen to purchase from for more details.

Is it available on the high street and in supermarkets?

Yes! You’ll find it in all the major supermarkets & bookshops from December 12!

What nutritional information is provided?

There are no values for specific diet plans so the book will always be relevant. However, we have listed the calorie count for each recipe.

Is the book just full of recipes that are already on the website?

No. There are 80 BRAND new recipes in the book, and 20 of our website favourites so you’ll always have them on hand.

Does the book have veggie recipes in?

Yes! Nearly half of the total recipes are specifically vegetarian, and many of the meat dishes are easy to convert too.

Does the book have lots of fish recipes? Sometimes slimming books bombard us with fish recipes!

We do love fish, but we understand that some people don’t. Only 7 of the recipes are fish based and we chose ones we think are accessible to people who might not always choose a fish dish. There are some swaps you could make to meat, too.

We certainly haven’t bombarded with fish in the book!

Who publishes the Pinch of Nom Books? 

Our books are published by Bluebird, which is an imprint of Pan Macmillan.

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