Top 10 Healthy Diet Essentials

If you are looking for a list of the Top 10 Healthy Diet Essentials to help you with calorie counting and your weight loss journey, give you inspiration for slimming friendly meals while keeping your mind and body in shape, this is the post for you!

Top 10 Healthy Diet Essentials

At Pinch of Nom we’re all about making healthy living hassle-free, quick, easy and tasty for all the family, which is why everything on this list should be really easy to get hold of, either online or in a standard supermarket.

We’ll throw in some ideas of how to use these Top 10 Healthy Diet Essentials, whether they are new to you or you just need some extra inspiration. Let’s go!

Your Top 10 Healthy Diet Essentials List


First off on our list of Top 10 Healthy Diet Essentials is a kitchen staple. Investing in a blender (or food processor, for the serious foodies) is a must for anyone wanting to really embrace a healthy diet. The list of possibilities is endless… you can whizz up hummus, soups, sauces or baking mixes! The best thing is that you will know what goes into your food and a blender makes the process really quick and easy!

Top 10 Healthy Diet Essentials

How to use: If you fancy making your own soups at home, check out our recipe section which is packed full of ideas – you can’t beat a classic tomato and basil soup can you? This one tastes SO GOOD.

If you don’t have a blender and need somewhere to start out, take a look on Amazon – there are hundreds of different types, sizes and prices.


Bursting with the good stuff while being low in calories, fruit is great to snack on throughout the day. Fruit will help to keep you feeling full for longer, which is perfect if you’re watching your weight. Definitely worth adding to your Top 10 Healthy Diet Essentials list!

Top 10 Healthy Diet Essentials

How to use: Sprinkle dried fruit over cereal or porridge, add to baked oats or serve with waffles…we’re obsessed with this lemon and blueberry recipe! It makes the PERFECT weekend brunch! Oof!


High in protein but low in fat and carbohydrates, chicken is next on our list of Top 10 Healthy Diet Essentials.

Top 10 Healthy Diet Essentials

As a white meat, chicken can be eaten more freely than other red meats like beef and pork – just remember to remove the skin as this is the fattiest part! Chicken breasts are so versatile and easy to incorporate into your diet, making them a staple on the Top 10 Healthy Diet Essentials list.

Top 10 Healthy Diet Essentials

How to use: Love a cheeky Nando’s? Our slimming version is the recipe for you! Or try our healthier chicken kiev recipe for all the family to enjoy. If curries are your favourite, this Wagamama-inspired katsu dish fits the bill.


Top 10 Healthy Diet Essentials

Did you read that right? The answer is yes! Chocolate IS included on our Top 10 Healthy Diet Essentials list! As well as offering a whole host of impressive nutrients, cocoa may even have a positive impact on mood – no wonder you feel good when eating it!

Top 10 Healthy Diet Essentials

How to use: Add cocoa powder to anything you’d like to have a chocolate taste: Stir into baked oats or yogurt, whip up your own chocolate brownies, or use in baking – we LOVE this chocolate beetroot cake.


Eggs are one of the best sources of protein and you can use them in so many different ways. From boosting brain development to building healthy bones, eggs are relatively low in calories, making them a great, slimming-friendly Top 10 Healthy Diet Essential. YUM!

Top 10 Healthy Diet Essentials

How to use: Why not poach them and serve on toast (or go really posh and serve with smoked salmon and potato rosti), or add them to baking like in these chocolate brownies or this baked cheesecake?

Pinch of Nom Cookbook and Planner

One to add your Top 10 Healthy Diet Essentials list is our cookbook, packed with 100 slimming home-style recipes for you and your family to enjoy.

Top 10 Healthy Diet Essentials

With 80 exclusive recipes, our aim is to get everyone cooking hassle-free slimming-friendly meals. You might also want to get your hands on our six-month food planner which works perfectly alongside the recipes, helping you to plan meals to stay on track. With a further 26 new meal ideas, you can guarantee following a diet plan or counting calories will be much more enjoyable and organised!

How to use: Utilise as a reference guide for meal inspiration, planning food for the day or week, and to keep things varied if you’re bored cooking or eating the same things!


Next on our Top 10 Healthy Diet Essentials list is potatoes! We love a potato!

Top 10 Healthy Diet Essentials

Potatoes are great at keeping you feeling full for long periods. Mix it up a bit and try sweet potatoes too, which provide slower-release energy to keep you going for longer. Why not try our sweet potato fries? Great for when you are counting calories!

Top 10 Healthy Diet Essentials

How to use: Why not give our Mexican spicy side dish recipe a go or our slimming-friendly creamy mashed potatoes for pure comfort food. Chips can be high in fat but our recipe means you don’t have to miss out on a potato favourite!


Want healthy skin, bones and hair? Add fish to your shopping list!

Top 10 Healthy Diet Essentials

Eating a few portions a week can be really good for your heart, brain and even your mood. It’s great to include fish in your diet – at Pinch of Nom we say ‘if it swims, it slims’!

Top 10 Healthy Diet Essentials

How to use: Cut into chunks and make skewers, bake in the oven with chilli and lime for a simple dinner, or throw into a pasta dish.


One of the best ways to make a meal low calorie and slimming-friendly is to swap out carbohydrates for vegetables – which is where a spiraliser is your new best friend! You can swap spaghetti for courgette, or noodles for carrots. Ranging from basic gadgets that work like a pencil sharpener to electric ones for faster and easier results, there’s something to suit all budgets.

Top 10 Healthy Diet Essentials

How to use: Why not have a browse on Amazon to see which would work best for you (and your wallet). Give our slimming-friendly chicken chow mein recipe a go for a healthier fakeaway! This tastes MEGA!


Yogurt is on our Top 10 Healthy Diet Essentials list to help you feel fuller for longer which can help you to manage your appetite.

Top 10 Healthy Diet Essentials

Go for 0% fat plain Greek yogurt for the best option, which is still deliciously creamy but much lower in calories. Yogurt is known for containing lots of calcium, which is essential for healthy teeth and bones (especially for children).

Top 10 Healthy Diet Essentials

How to use: Serve for breakfast with fruit and cereal sprinkled on top, use in place of cream or soft cheese in recipes like these Indian fakeaway recipes, or use in baking – we love this banana & peanut muffins recipe.

Fallen off the wagon and need some motivation, or want to help others on their journey?

Our Facebook group is growing by the day. If you haven’t joined yet head over there and take a look. There’s lots of people following different diets who can help show you how to work out calories and points in a recipe!

Top 10 Healthy Diet Essentials

You might just find the inspiration you need from our awesome members. If you’ve joined already why not invite any friends that may find it helpful?

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