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This Low Syn KFC Fakeaway was one of the first Slimming World friendly recipes we came up with, and it’s one of our favourites.


For the full list of ingredients and comprehensive instructions, please see the recipe card at the end of this post. Before you scroll, there’s important stuff in the blurb 👍

A crisp salad and our Syn Free Rustic Wedges are a perfect accompaniment

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Why not add some of our Syn Free Coleslaw for even more speed.

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You can use this spice mix on it’s own to season (it’s great on wedges) or you can add something to it give that crispy coating.

We like to use Panko Breadcrumbs because you get more bang for your buck.

Panko is a Japanese-style breadcrumb traditionally used as a coating for deep-fried foods, and is made from bread without crusts. As it’s a bigger crumb than other breadcrumbs it goes further.

It can be found in the Oriental aisle of most supermarkets, or you can get it on Amazon .


All you need to do is mix 1 tbsp of the spice mix with 25g of Panko (for 4.5 – 5 syns depending on the brand). This will coat 4 medium sized chicken breasts.

There are also many other things you could use (Smash, Crushed Rice Crispies, Breadcrumbed Wholemeal Roll, Cous Cous, Quinoa, Bulgar Wheat for example).

However, some of these are generally considered a ‘tweak’ by Slimming World (any free food not used as a substitute for something else eg Cous Cous, Smash etc) and should be Synned accordingly.

Some people prefer not to Syn these ingredients when used in this way, so it’s entirely up to you.

This recipe makes a decent amount of seasoning, so you can keep it in an airtight container to use next time. We always have a bag in the cupboard.

Don’t forget, the Syn value of this dish will vary depending on what coating you add to the seasoning. The values we have provided below are using Panko Breadcrumbs.

Whenever we need to replace oil in cooking we use Frylight. Perfect for everyday frying and cooking, it delivers exactly one calorie per spray, which makes it Syn free! The Sunflower or Avocado Oil flavours are ideal for this Low Syn KFC Fakeaway recipe.

Frylight Find Out More

Some of you love this Low Syn KFC Fakeaway recipe!

kfc chicken-the_real_slim_fadey_sw
One of our Instagram followers @the_real_slim_fadey_sw made this dish and loved it!
kfc chicken - jangles_sw
Another of our Instagram followers @jangles_sw made this dish and loved it too!

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Low Syn KFC Fakeaway

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Rating: 3.82
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Prep Time

Cooking Time

people 10 minutes 30 minutes



Slimming World 

255kcal 1

Smart Points (Flex/Freestyle)



Per people Per people Per people
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To make the Spice Mix
  1. Put all of the ingredients in a food processor and blitz until you reach a fine powder stage
  2. You can store any leftover mix in an airtight container until you want to use it again
To make the Chicken
  1. Pre heat the oven to 180°C
  2. Mix the spice mix with whatever you prefer to give the crispy coating, Panko, Smash etc. We like to use Panko, but just remember to syn it accordingly
  3. If using chicken breasts, cut the chicken however you like. We like to cut each breast into 2 thinner slices.
  4. Dip the chicken in beaten egg, then coat in the seasoning
  5. Place on a baking tray that has been sprayed with Frylight, then spray the top of each piece of chicken with some more Frylight
  6. Cook for 25 - 30 minutes, turning once halfway through cooking. Always check the cooking time for different chicken pieces, breast, drumsticks etc as they vary

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  1. I tried this recipe today and was able to get the Panco breadcrumbs. It was delish and the rest of my family loved it to . Definatly ideal to take on a picnic or just as a great meal to share. I haven’t made a recipe yet that hasn’t been absolutely fabulous from PONS page. Thankyou ladies 😊

  2. This was a really tasty meal. I would definitely recommend. I preferred it to any shop bought/fast food outlet. Enjoy if you try. 🙂 Thank you PON.

  3. Do you have any ideas how this could be altered to make it more of a zinger burger please? This was lovely thank you 😊

  4. Making this tonight
    I have a fully stocked herb/spice cupboard but no dried tarragon! Off to the shops I go 😀

  5. I made this last week and the week before using thighs and breast, both times I use Smash as my crumbs and I love it. My family don’t normally eat my SW meals but this is their favourite so much so they have emptied out my post of seasoning themselves I got to rustle up some more x

  6. I was looking to make it with just wholemeal bread, as dont know if panko is syn free
    If i use wholemeal bread , would it be much difference in taste to the panko?

    1. Hi Mary
      All the info regarding this, including Syn values of Panko, is mentioned in the write up before the recipe.

  7. Confused about the Sun value given in the box above recipe. I presume that the quoted 1.5 syns per person are because of the panel breadcrumbs? Sorry for being thick!

    1. Yes, we used Panko breadcrumbs so Synned it accordingly. As mentioned in the write up before the actual recipe you can use other coatings but you should adjust the Syn value.

  8. I used a similar recipe tonight using cous cous and an egg mixture and it was amazing!!! You don’t need to use up your heb this way 😊

  9. I am keen to try this but only have cous cous – this may be a stupid question but do I cook the cous cous first of use dry? Thank you! Katy

    1. Hi Alex,

      The pepper needs to be ground so as to avoid large peppery lumps. If you like it less peppery then don’t add as much pepper 😊

  10. Just put it in the oven, although we didn’t have any thyme or dried onion (despite us buying all of the spices today, D’OH!) hoping it’ll still taste good! Also forgot to fry-lite before putting them in the oven… Bit of a fail. Still, our kitchen smells devine, can’t wait for them to be cooked!

  11. I have tried to blitz the herbs for the coating in my mini chopper as don’t have a good processor but it hasn’t worked. I have also tried bashing with a rolling pin but can’t get to a fine powder stage. Can anyone recommend how to do this using basic kitchen equipment please

    1. Hi Sam
      The onion flakes add to the texture of the breadcrumb coating for the chicken, so it’s preferable to stick with them. Onion granules are slightly more potent, so you may need to reduce the amount used if you choose to use granules instead.

  12. Yum 👅 I made this tonight for my family, we all loved it! I added some chilli powder to the last of the mix and made spicy nuggets for my son who loves the KFC zinger bites. Fab recipe, thanks pinchofnom!!

    1. Hi Seana
      Standard Panko breadcrumbs are not gluten free, but I understand that you can buy a gluten free version from Amazon. (You’d need to check the Syns on the SW website.)

  13. Hi, made this tonight, and although tasty, it was very peppery and dark, not nice and light as the pic shows, what did I do wrong??

    1. Hi Tammy
      Without knowing exactly how you made yours, it’s hard to comment on whether something went wrong. Sometimes it’s something as simple as mis-reading the recipe, or using heaped tbsps when they should be level.
      How much of the spice mix did you use? Once the spice mix is made up, you only use a tbsp of the mix, added to the breadcrumbs, to coat the chicken.

    1. Hi Sally
      All our recipes that are suitable from freezing will have an ice crystal logo on the recipe card. We don’t recommend freezing for this recipe. 🙂

  14. I’ve made this tonight as we love KFC but my waistline doesn’t. The kitchen smells amazing your website is what is going to help manage to stick to a diet. My partner and sister cant wait lol

  15. Hi there! Hoping to try this on Friday as all the talk on TV about KFC and their lack of C in the KF! I have never used onion flakes before…and only ever seem to find crispy fried onions, which I feel would probably be higher in syns? Or am I over complicating it? Am I able to use the crispy fried onion bits? As other than that, can only find onion granules.

    Thanks 🙂

    1. Hi Helen
      As you rightly guessed, crispy onion bits are fried, so would be higher in syns. Dried onion flakes will be in larger supermarkets, usually with the stuffing mixes, stock cubes etc.

    1. Hi Yessica
      It’s just a mix of dried seasonings, so it can be kept in an airtight container until you want to use it again. 🙂

  16. Tried this the other day and my food processor did not blitz the peppercorns 🙄 could I use ground pepper corns instead?

    1. Hi Robert
      Yes, to make the 4 servings as listed on the recipe card, you’ll need 1 tbsp of the spice mix and 25g of panko breadcrumbs.
      Thanks for getting in touch!

  17. Great recipe!! How long after cooking can you keep this, is it possible to reheat and eat say the next day or .a few days later?

    1. Hi Jonathan!

      Yes you could keep it covered for a couple of days in the fridge and then reheat. Just make sure it is piping hot throughout before serving.

      Hope that helps! 🙂

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