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I adore Cheesy Garlic Bread. If I could… I’d have it with every meal till the end of days! Garlic bread using Wholemeal bread doesn’t sound like my idea of fun, so we made this Syn Free Cheesy Garlic Bread using Schar White Ciabatta.

Syn Free Cheesy Garlic Bread | Slimming World

How is this Syn Free Cheesy Garlic Bread Syn free?

You might be sat there asking yourself, how exactly can this by Syn free. Well, it can only be Syn free if you use this to count towards both your Healthy Extra A & B.

Each piece of Syn Free Cheesy Garlic Bread is half of a white Schar Ciabatta. Half of a Schar Ciabatta is 1/2 your HEB.

If you use Light Cheddar then you use just 1/4 of your Healthy Extra A per piece (10g on each).

You can find Schar Ciabattas in the Free From aisle of most supermarkets. You can also buy them from the Schar online shop.

Syn Free Garlic Bread | Slimming World

Wait! So this Syn Free Cheesy Garlic Bread doesn’t use butter?!

Correct! No butter at all. How? We used a quick spray of Olive Oil Frylight. A couple of sprays on each is all that you’d need.

Syn Free Garlic Bread | Slimming World

When ever we need to replace oil in cooking we use Frylight. Perfect for everyday frying and cooking, it delivers exactly one calorie per spray, which makes it Syn free! The Olive Oil or Butter flavours are ideal for this Syn Free Cheesy Garlic Bread recipe.

Syn Free Cheesy Garlic Bread | Slimming World

Just 10g of Cheese Per Piece? Really?!

Yes! I promise you, but how I hear you ask. Take a look at the image below.. this is how much cheese you get when grate 40g of cheese with a regular box grater.

Syn Free Garlic Bread | Slimming World

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Whist it looks like a lot, when you try and spread it around a piece of toast or two, you’re not going to get very far.

Below you see the exact same amount of cheese (40g) grated using our new snazzy Deiss grater! By grating the cheese finer, it goes a LOT further!

Syn Free Garlic Bread | Slimming World

It’s really remarkable how much more it looks like you get, just by grating it finer.

Want a Deiss grater? You can grab one over on Amazon & by using code 8VHVPN53 you can have 20% off! How fab is that?!

Syn Free Garlic Bread | Slimming World

Do you put tomato on your Syn Free Cheesy Garlic Bread?

Yes we do, the more speed the better, right? We used a tomato sauce that we make in the pressure cooker/slow cooker and that recipe will be up very soon.

Syn Free Garlic Bread | Slimming World

You can use some tomatoes/chipped tomatoes under the cheese. Makes it taste fab!

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Syn Free Garlic Bread | Slimming World
Syn Free Cheesy Garlic Bread | Slimming World



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Syn Free Cheesy Garlic Bread | Slimming World

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Syn Free Garlic Bread | Slimming World | Weight Watchers | Gluten Free

Syn Free Cheesy Garlic Bread

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  1. Preheat your oven to 200C
  2. Slice the Schar Ciabattas in half and place on an oven tray
  3. Bash the garlic with the back of a knife and rub the ciabatta well. If you like your garlic bread very garlicky then chop finely and scatter on the ciabatta.
  4. Spray the ciabatta with Frylight and place in the oven for 5 minutes
  5. Take them out of the oven, top with tomatoes & cheese and scatter some of the parsley on top. Return to the oven until the cheese has melted. Enjoy!


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  1. Hi, where do I get the Schar white ciabatta from please ? I take it this is part of or all of my HEB ?
    I really like the sound of this and can’t wait to try it.
    Many thanks

    1. Hi Liz
      Asda, Tesco and Sainsburys usually stock them. Schar also have an online store if you can’t get hold of them, which is linked to in the article. One whole ciabatta is your HEB, so you could either use all of your HEB or half.
      We used the cheese as part of our HEA, or you could syn it if you prefer

    1. Hi Lesley
      The Schar ciabattas are the only ones that are an HEB option and in our opinion are nothing like other gluten free bread products

  2. As I’m not allowed to eat anything with pips in I used the flesh of fresh tomatoes mixed with a little passata. This will not alter the values will it?

  3. Tried these last week, totally lush. Sooo missed garlic bread. On the second lot I made I had run out of fresh garlic so used the garlic fry light & it works just as well.

  4. Just so I know I’ve got this right, if only using 1/4 of HeA of cheese (10g per half ciabatta) I would then still have half of my HeA left for the day?

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