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Discover our first ever paperback cookbook, featuring 75 easy-to-make, slimming-friendly recipes that won’t break the bank. Split into two chapters, dinners and desserts, this book is all about turning budget-friendly ingredients and store cupboard staples into food that the whole family will love. 

Our most affordable collection of recipes ever, you’ll find 50 brand-new dishes, and 25 Nom-favourites inside, all with full colour photos. We’ve also included lots of helpful tips to help you batch-cook like a pro, reduce food waste and keep costs down without compromising on delicious, healthy food. Keep an eye out for the all-new ‘Super Saver’ sticker that we’ve added to highlight the best value dishes in the book. 

All the Nom you love, for less!

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About our Budget cookbook

Kate and Kay owned a restaurant together on the Wirral in the UK, where Kate was head chef. Together they created the Pinch of Nom blog with the aim of teaching people how to cook. Now 5 cookbooks, 4 planners and a community of over 3 million followers later, we’re buzzing to announce our first ever paperback cookbook!

Pinch of Nom: Budget features 75 slimming-friendly recipes that bring phenomenal value to the table. Putting your store cupboard ingredients to good use, our pocket-friendly paperback shows you how to enjoy all the food you love, while keeping costs down. 

The 25 fan-favourite recipes and 50 brand-new dishes are split into two simple chapters: dinners and desserts. We know these are the pages you turn to time and time again, so whether you’re looking for Fish Finger Pie or Salt and Pepper Chicken, you’ll find it easier and more convenient than ever. 

Even with the rising cost of ingredients, Pinch of Nom Budget makes it possible to keep putting a wide variety of tasty, easy-to-cook, family-friendly meals on the table. We wanted to bring you recipes that you can use time and time again, that really make a difference to your weekly shopping costs. 

Phenomenal food. Phenomenal value.

Frequently asked questions

How much is the book?

The RRP for all retailers is £17.99. Please bear in mind that individual retailers set their own pricing and many will reduce this price when the book is released. We do not have any control over the prices set by the retailer. 

Is the book available on the high street and in supermarkets?

Yes, you’ll find it in all the major supermarkets and bookshops!

Does the book have vegetarian and gluten-free recipes in?

Absolutely! There are 36 vegetarian recipes and 46 that are gluten-free, plus many more that are easy to adapt to meet different dietary requirements. 

Are any of the recipes from the first five books in this new book?

Nope! There are 50 brand-new recipes in this book, all created to give you the best flavour, and the best value for money. We’ve also included 25 of the most popular pocket-friendly recipes from our website. 

Is the book full of recipes that are already on the website?

If you’re a big Pinch of Nom fan, you might recognise 25 of the recipes in Budget from our website. We know that lots of you like to have your most-used recipes in book-form, so we’ve picked the most affordable favourites and included them alongside the 50 new recipes. 

What’s new for Budget?

The food in Budget is all about getting the most for your money, so we’ve introduced a new ‘Super Saver’ sticker on recipes that give you the best value. 

You’ll also notice that, as our first ever paperback book, this cookbook has a new look and feel. The paperback format means that we can offer Budget at a lower cost to you, because we know every penny counts. 

Why are there only two chapters?

Unlike our big cookbooks, Budget is split into two simple chapters: dinners and desserts. This means we can bring you more of the recipes that you’ll use most often. Lots of the dishes in the book are perfect for batch-cooking, so save any spare portions and enjoy leftovers for lunch!

Are there photos in this book?

Yes! The paperback may be a new look for us, but we’ve made sure every page is as glossy and colourful as you’re used to. Each recipe in the book is accompanied by full-colour photography, so you can see every delicious-looking dish in all its glory. 

Are there lots of alternative cooking methods for the recipes in Budget?

With our last couple of ‘big’ books we’ve made sure to give you as many options as possible when it comes to cooking food in a way that suits you – whether that’s cracking out your slow cooker or popping it in the air fryer. 

We’ve taken a slightly different approach with Budget, as we know lots of these gadgets can be expensive to buy, if you don’t already have them. Even without any fancy bits of kit, these are recipes that everyone will find easy to make and delicious to eat. 

What nutritional information is provided?

We’ve included clear calorie counts for each recipe, along with helpful nutritional info (calories, carbs, fibre etc) to make planning and tracking food nice and simple. As with our other cookbooks, there will be no values for diet plans, but you can find help with calculating them here.

Who publishes the Pinch of Nom Books? 

Our books are published by Bluebird, which is an imprint of Pan Macmillan.

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