Batch Cook Snack Recipes

Batch Cook Snack Recipes - Pinch of Nom Slimming Recipes

When it’s the middle of the afternoon and the snack craving is in full swing, the last thing you want is to start making a healthy nibble from scratch. Step away from the crisps cupboard and the chocolate drawer – the key is all in being organised. 

With a little bit of forward planning, you can make sure you always have a slimming-friendly snack on hand, to make staying on track so much easier. Whether you’re a sweet or a savoury snacker, our roundup of batch-cook snack recipes will help you fill your fridge and freezer with plenty of emergency goodies. 

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Sweet Batch Cook Snacks

From fruity treats to chocolatey nibbles, sometimes you just need something sweet to snack on.

You might be surprised to find out that lots of different baked goodies are actually freezer-friendly. These Chocolate Swirls are a 2-ingredient wonder, and they’ll keep well in the freezer for a rainy day. 

A sheet of ready-rolled puff pastry and a bit of low-calorie chocolate syrup will make 16 of these crisp, golden swirls, so it’s really easy to double up the ingredients if you want to make a bigger batch. Delicious with a cuppa, you’ll be so glad to find a stash of these in the freezer drawer – just reheat them in a moderate oven until they’re nice and warm. 

Chocolate Swirls - Pinch of Nom Slimming Recipes

Did you know that you can freeze leftover cake? Our slimming-friendly Lemon Drizzle Cake can be made well in advance and then frozen until you’re craving the sweet, lemony flavours. 

There’s no fat in this sponge cake: instead we’ve made it light and airy by whipping up the egg whites until you have soft peaks. After just half an hour in the oven, you’re left with a lovely zesty snack that you can enjoy any time of day. 

If you have a few spare slices, separate them with some greaseproof paper, place them in a freezer-safe container and hide them away in the freezer. 

Lemon Drizzle Cake - Pinch of Nom Slimming Recipes

This set of KICHLY Plastic Airtight Food Storage Containers includes a variety of different sizes that’ll help you safely store all your different snacks. Freezer-safe and microwavable, they’ll come in handy every time you batch cook. 

If you often find yourself itching for a biscuit with your mid-afternoon cup of tea, these Double Choc Chip Cookies will go down a treat. The batch-cook friendly recipe only takes 22 minutes from start to finish, and when they’re done, you’ll end up with 18 delicious 40-calorie cookies. 

They’ll keep in the fridge for 3 or 4 days, but if you want to make them last longer, or store a bigger batch, parcel them up for the freezer. Just like your slices of cake, we’d recommend separating each one with greaseproof paper, so you can take one out as and when you need a chocolate fix. 

Double Chocolate Chip Cookies - Pinch of Nom Slimming Recipes

Once you realise how easily you can turn 3 ingredients into this creamy, delicious Biscoff Ice Cream, you’ll be making it all the time! Because it’s designed to be frozen, there’s no surprise that this recipe is perfect for batch cooking. 

At just 214 calories per serving, it’s a far more slimming-friendly snack than shop-bought ice creams made with full-fat cream. Leaving out the cream doesn’t just make this recipe healthier, it also means it’s dairy-free and vegan too. 

Biscoff Swirl Ice Cream - Pinch of Nom Slimming Recipes

You’ll need a blender or food processor to turn your frozen bananas into a smooth, creamy ice cream. From soups to smoothies, a good blender is a handy bit of kitchen kit to invest in. 

We love to grab one of these Banana and Peanut Muffins for an on-the-go breakfast, but they’re just as tasty as a mid-morning snack. Made with half oats and half flour, they’re full of slow-release energy that’ll keep you going in-between meals. 

You guessed it – these hearty little muffins are good for freezing! Pop them in a suitable container, tuck them away in a freezer drawer and just remember to take one or two out the night before you want to eat them. Leave them to defrost thoroughly before you start tucking in. 

Banana and Peanut Muffins - Pinch of Nom Slimming Recipes

The key to keeping these nutty muffins nice and low in calories is using peanut butter powder instead of the real thing (which is much higher in calories). You’ll find we use this ingredient in all kinds of sweet and savoury recipes, so it’s well worth picking up a jar!

We can’t talk about slimming-friendly sweet snack ideas without giving a shout out to our best ever Chocolate Brownies. At 59 calories per squidgy square, it’s always the right time for a bite of chocolate-y goodness. 

It may only take 22 minutes to whip up a batch from scratch, but there’s no need to make these fresh every time you’re craving them: they’ll keep for 3 or 4 days in an airtight container, or up to 6 months in the freezer. 

If they look a little dry after they’ve been stored, 10-20 seconds in the microwave should freshen them up nicely. 

Chocolate Brownies - Pinch of Nom Slimming Recipes

Savoury Batch Cook Snacks

If you don’t have much of a sweet tooth, you might find yourself reaching for savoury flavours to get through the late-afternoon hunger pangs. Some of our favourite snacks are salty or spicy, and ideal for cooking in batches to make sure you always have something to nibble on during the day. 

One of our most popular recipes, these Sausage Rolls always go down a treat. Filled with our homemade mixture of pork mince and seasonings, we’ve skipped pastry and wrapped them up in low-calorie tortilla wraps. These get lovely and crispy in the oven, but they keep the calories down to just 399 per serving. 

Our recipe will make 6 sausage rolls, so double up if you’re planning to batch-cook this recipe and freeze some for a busy week. (Psst…there’s a vegan version of this recipe right here).

Sausage Rolls - Pinch of Nom Slimming Recipes

We love to spot these Chicken Satay Skewers on a buffet table, but they’re just as good packed up in a lunchbox, or stored in the fridge to nibble on during the day. At 38 calories each, they’re a high-protein snack that’ll power you through whatever your day holds in store. 

Just like our Banana and Peanut Muffins, these chicken bites get their flavour from low-calorie peanut butter powder (see, we said it’d come in handy!). The chicken and the satay sauce can both be frozen if you have any leftovers, just remember to defrost and reheat everything thoroughly. 

Chicken Satay Skewers - Pinch of Nom Slimming Recipes

If you’ve ever thought that Samosas are too tasty to save for an Indian-inspired fakeaway night, we like how you think! The little parcels of lightly-spiced vegetables make for a delicious, crunchy snack, especially in an afternoon or evening. 

Bundled in light filo pastry, these crunchy triangles are just 147 calories per serving. Stash them in the fridge for up to 3 days, or make a bigger batch and save some for a savoury snack emergency. 

Samosas - Pinch of Nom Slimming Recipes

It only takes 3 minutes to turn a few simple ingredients into this versatile Hummus Style Dip. A snack-time essential, it’s easy to grab out of the fridge when you fancy dipping in some pitta bread or chopped vegetables.

You might not expect this kind of dip to be freezer-friendly, but it is! As long as you freeze it right after making it, there’s no reason not to make this recipe once and split it out into individual portions that could last you for months. 

Hummus - Pinch of Nom Slimming Recipes

You’ll need a food processor for this recipe. There are plenty to choose from over on Amazon, but we particularly love this Kenwood Compact Food Processor as it does the job really well and doesn’t take up too much space in your kitchen cupboard.

Fancy a slice of pizza as a cheeky little snack? These Pizza Twists with Pizza Dip are the next best thing, and they’re far better for you! The golden twists of pastry are filled with cheese and tomato, and our recipe includes a moreish herby tomato dip too. 

Both the twists and the dip can be refrigerated or frozen for a later date – just pop the twists in the oven for a few minutes to crisp them back up, and microwave the dip until it’s piping hot. 

Pizza Twists with Pizza Dip - Pinch of Nom Slimming Recipes

Which snack recipes will you be batch cooking first?

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