What to Cook First From Pinch of Nom: Air Fryer

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It’s been just over a week since our most-requested cookbook EVER was released! Pinch of Nom: Air Fryer is finally out there in the world, and we couldn’t be happier about it. You’ve all been asking us to make an air fryer book for SO LONG – and we’re glad to see that you’re loving it as much as we hoped you would!

Air fryers are so handy for slimming-friendly cooking, and (once you get to grips with them) you can cook almost anything in your gadget. Our Air Fryer book proves that it’s possible to rustle up everything from crispy fakeaways to light, fluffy cakes – so it’s no wonder that it’s hard to choose which recipe to start with! 

If you’re wondering what to cook first from Pinch of Nom: Air Fryer, you’re in the right place. We’ve rounded up some inspiration from our Facebook group and website Gallery, so you can take a little peek at what everyone else has been making…

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I want to start with an Air Fryer breakfast

Air fryers cook food really quickly, so they’re perfect for busy mornings. If you’re looking to get your day off to the tastiest possible start, flick to the Breakfast chapter of your Air Fryer cookbook and you’ll be spoilt for choice. 

Why not treat yourself to the satisfying crunch of our Air Fryer Banana and Raspberry French Toast? Ready in just over 15 minutes, there’s no excuse to skip brekkie, even when you’re in a rush to get out the door. 

Just feast your eyes on the golden portion that Rosie has rustled up, complete with the finishing drizzle of cream cheese and maple syrup sauce. 

A plate of Pinch of Nom's Banana and Raspberry French Toast is served drizzled with added raspberries, freshly-sliced bananas and a generous drizzle of cream cheese and maple syrup sauce.

For a grab-and-go style breakfast, you won’t find anything better than the Air Fryer Cinnamon Breakfast Buns on pages 48-49. At just 141 calories each, they’re far lighter than any pastry you can pick up from a bakery, but they won’t let you down on flavour. 

Holly’s got a batch ready to kick-start her day, and it looks like all she needs to add is a cuppa in her favourite mug…

A plate is filled with 3 of Pinch of Nom's Cinnamon Buns from the Air Fryer cookbook, drizzled with a sticky-sweet glaze.

Over in our gallery we spotted that Debi is one of the first people to give our Air Fryer Peach Melba Baked Oats recipe a try! Baked oats might be one of those things you’d never think to try in an air fryer, but just look at how well it works.

We’ve even used tinned peaches to keep costs down for this one. It’ll firm up as it ‘bakes’, ready to be portioned out and enjoyed hot or cold. 

Pinch of Nom's Air Fryer Peach Melba Baked Oats are freshly golden brown from the air fryer with decorative juicy raspberries poking out on top.

I want to start with an Air Fryer light bite

Feeling just a little bit peckish? Rather than cooking up a full meal in your air fryer, you can always start by turning to page 141 and taking a browse through our air-fried light bites. From speedy snacks to heartier nibbles that you can turn into lunch, there’s lots to try!

We love the look of Aileen’s batch of Air Fryer Chickpeas. Our recipe includes a choice of 4 different seasonings, so you can choose between smoky paprika, garlic and herb, Moroccan spiced or sweet cinnamon crunchy chickpeas. 

Two bowls of Pinch of Nom's Air Fryer Chickpeas (from the Air Fryer cookbook) are served in Garlic and Herb and Moroccan Spiced flavours.

We know that for lots of you, the idea of baking in your air fryer is a little bit scary! Trust us, if you give these Air Fryer Cheese and Chive Scones a go you’ll soon be feeling far more confident. 

If they turn out anywhere near as well as Vicky’s have, you’re onto a winner! Just look at that gorgeous, golden, melty cheese topping. You’d never guess they’re less than 100 calories each…

A baking tray is laid with a batch of freshly air-fried Cheese and Chive Scones from page 164 of Pinch of Nom's Air Fryer cookbook.

Speaking of melted cheese, Becky’s Air Fryer Cheese, Onion and Sweetcorn-Stuffed Peppers look completely irresistible. Perfect for a lighter lunch, they’d go down a treat with a side salad, some Homemade Oven Chips or even our Nando’s Spicy Rice

Flick to page 150 to find the full recipe. 

A tray is laid with Pinch of Nom's Cheese, Onion and Sweetcorn-Stuffed Peppers from the Air Fryer cookbook; the melty, cheesy centres are golden brown on top.

I want to start with an Air Fryer fakeaway

One of the best things about air-frying food is how easy it is to get a deep-fried-style crunch, without adding lots of high-calorie cooking oils. It’s no surprise then, that you can cook up a fakeaway storm with the recipes in our new book!

Bookmark page 70 for the next time you fancy Chinese-inspired salt and pepper flavours. Our Air Fryer Salt and Pepper Chips are just the thing to satisfy your cravings, for a fraction of the calories of a takeaway version! Don’t just take our word for it, look what a good job LavenderandLovage has done in this photo they posted in our gallery!

A portion of Pinch of Nom's Air Fryer Salt and Pepper Chips from the Air Fryer cookbook are served in a blue and white bowl with a fork waiting to dig in. They're mixed in with spices, chopped peppers and onions.

Squeeze a curry night into your weekly meal plan if you need an excuse to give our Air Fryer Chicken Tikka Masala a try. You’ll pop the chicken in your air fryer, while you simmer the sauce on the hob. By the time they’re ready to combine, the chicken will have a tandoori-style charred flavour that really takes everything up a notch! 

Add some fluffy boiled rice on the side, just like Nicola has. 

Pinch of Nom's Air Fryer Chicken Tikka Masala (from the Air Fryer cookbook) is plated up alongside a fluffy portion of rice, with a garnish of fresh coriander leaves and a lemon wedge.

Ever since we spotted Rach’s version of our Air Fryer Char-Siu-Style Pork Tenderloin over in our gallery, we’ve been dreaming about it! An easy recipe that’s packed with flavour, it’s well worth planning it in advance, so you can leave the meat to marinate for at least 2 hours. 

Dish it up on a bed of noodles and you’ll never feel like you’re missing out!

A portion of Pinch of Nom's Air Fryer Char-Siu-Style Pork Tenderloin is plated up on a bed of takeaway-inspired noodles.

I want to start with an Air Fryer sweet treat

You didn’t think we’d forget about dessert did you? Don’t be afraid to bake up a storm in your air fryer – we promise it’s easier than you think! If you’re not sure where to begin, take a leaf out of Karolina’s book and have a go at a batch of our Air Fryer White Chocolate and Blueberry Muffins

They’re fluffy, fruity and light, and they bake in just 12 minutes. You’ll want to stash them away in an airtight container (if you can resist eating them all at once!). 

Two of Pinch of Nom's White Chocolate and Blueberry Muffins from the Air Fryer cookbook are served with blueberries and chocolate chips poking through, freshly browned from the air fryer.

The next time you have guests round, we guarantee these Air Fryer Cherry Bakewell Slices will go down a treat. Undercook them ever so slightly to keep them nice and squidgy in the middle, then pop the kettle on. 

Looks like Karen has just the right idea…her batch is baked to perfection, with a dusting of icing sugar and flaked almonds on the top. 

One slice of Pinch of Nom's Air Fryer Cherry Bakewell Slice recipe (from the Air Fryer cookbook) is plated up with a fork waiting to tuck in; cherries and almonds poke out from the sponge.

By just looking at Vicky’s Air Fryer Apple Upside-Down Tarts, you’d never know they only use 5 simple ingredients! A dreamy little treat for your afternoon tea break, these low-calorie tarts will sort your sweet tooth right out. 

Best of all, thanks to the fast-cooking magic of your air fryer, they’re cooked to golden brown, flaky pastry perfection in just 10 minutes. 

A freshly-baked batch of Pinch of Nom's Air Fryer Apple Upside Down Tarts (from page 192 of the Air Fryer cookbook) are laid out, waiting to be enjoyed, with juicy apple slices on top.

Are you ready to cook healthy Air-Fried food?

Once you’ve made your very first recipe from Pinch of Nom: Air Fryer, we’d love it if you shared a photo in our Facebook group (just don’t forget to tag us!). We never get bored of seeing your posts and you’ll be in good company with almost 1 million other lovely members waiting to support you on your slimming journey.

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