Pinch of Nom’s October Recipe Roundup

Pinch of Nom's October Recipe Round-up - Pinch of Nom Slimming Recipes

We’ve said farewell to Halloween for another year, and now the countdown to Christmas is officially ON! October was all about making sure we brought you warming, cosy meals to pick you up on a chilly day. We couldn’t forget to throw in a few spooky treats too! Did you catch all these new recipes this month?

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Sweet Tacos

Feast your eyes on these Sweet Tacos. They might look rather decadent, but we’ve used a few clever swaps to make them slimming friendly. 

After brushing your tortilla wraps with a mixture of melted reduced-fat spread, sweetener and cinnamon, they bake in the oven until they’re golden and crunchy. Now the real fun can begin…coat the edges in melted chocolate and sprinkle on some hundreds and thousands!

Instead of high-calorie ice cream, we’ve made a super easy banana and chocolate flavoured frozen filling. Creamy and sweet, scoop it inside and top with slices of fresh strawberries and juicy raspberries. We might be heading into winter, but it’s never too cold for ice cream!

Sweet Tacos - Pinch of Nom Slimming Recipes

Breakfast Sliders

These Breakfast Sliders have weekend brunching all wrapped up. Piled high with homemade pork patties, cheese, tomatoes, bacon, mushrooms and eggs, they feel like a treat whether you serve them for breakfast, lunch or dinner. 

Little swaps like reduced-fat cheese slices and 5% fat pork mince save on calories without compromising on flavour. This means that, despite the explosion of flavours you get, each slider comes in at just 280 calories. 

Wrap your slider up in foil and take it out on-the-go inside of spending your pennies on a shop-bought butty. It’ll taste just as good cold – and it’s the ideal way to enjoy all your favourite cooked breakfast bits anytime, anywhere!

Breakfast Sliders - Pinch of Nom Slimming Recipes

Chips and Curry Sauce

Wait until you find out that you can turn a few potatoes, carrots, half an onion and a couple of spices into this plateful of Chips and Curry Sauce. Forget about nipping to the chippy, this recipe will save you both money and calories. 

Delivering all the flavour of your go-to chip shop favourite, this dish is only 260 calories per portion. If you don’t tell those fussy eaters that the creamy curry sauce is made from blended up veggies, they’ll never know!

We’re obsessed with chips, cheese and curry sauce, so we’ll always finish off our plate with a sprinkle of reduced-fat grated cheese. You seriously need to try it – just remember to factor in the extra calories, if you’re counting.

Chips and Curry Sauce - Pinch of Nom Slimming Recipes

Fruity Flapjack Pizza

Typically made with lashings of butter and golden syrup, flapjack isn’t usually the most slimming-friendly snack. We believe in eating the food you love, so we’ve given the oaty treat a Pinch of Nom makeover to create this Fruity Flapjack Pizza.

Playing on the pizza theme, we’ve loaded the flapjack base with sweetened cream cheese and then topped it with a rainbow of fresh fruit. We’ve chopped up mango, strawberries and blueberries to finish off our slices, but you can use any fruit that you fancy. 

At 202 calories per serving, this is a delicious snack to enjoy with a good cup of tea! So much fun to decorate, you can switch it up with different toppings every time you make this recipe. 

Fruity Flapjack Pizza - Pinch of Nom Slimming Recipes

Halloween Ghost Toast

It wouldn’t be an October roundup without a few hauntingly delicious (trick or) treats thrown in. This Halloween Ghost Toast is designed for the spookiest time of the year, but there’s no reason you can’t tuck into this French toast-inspired breakfast all year round. 

The ghostly silhouette is created with a homemade template, which you could cut into any shape you like. Try a Christmas tree to get into the spirit of the festive season…it’ll be here before you know it!

You can even forget the template altogether and serve yourself a slice of golden, cinnamon-sweet toast that’s delicious as a snack, breakfast or sweet treat.

Halloween Ghost Toast - Pinch of Nom Slimming Recipes

Halloween Sausage Mummies

There’s nothing scary about the ingredients list for this Halloween Sausage Mummies recipe. Wrapped up in light puff pastry, you only need some low-fat chipolata sausages, an egg and some edible eyes to bring them to life. 

A seasonal twist on sausage rolls, each crunchy-coated mummy is only 120 calories, so they’re light enough for buffets or evening snacking.

Bookmark this recipe for next year – you won’t want to miss them off your Halloween party table! Perfect for dipping, you’ll want a little pot of ketchup on the side. 

Halloween Sausage Mummies - Pinch of Nom Slimming Recipes

Toffee Apple Swirls

It’s the perfect time of year to embrace the delicious sweet flavours of toffee apples. These golden baked Toffee Apple Swirls are made with ready-rolled light puff pastry, a couple of cooking apples and a handful of chewy toffees – there’s no tricky caramel recipe here! 

The sugar-free sweets are finely chopped, mixed in with our homemade apple filling and rolled up in the pastry before baking in the oven. They’ll melt as they cook, so you get that moreish toffee sweetness in every bite. 

You can make these any time of year for a reminder of classic autumn flavours, but we think they’re ideal if you’re planning a bonfire night celebration

Toffee Apple Swirls - Pinch of Nom Slimming Recipes

Pulled Pork Lasagne 

There’s no denying we love a twist on a classic, and this Pulled Pork Lasagne is just as incredible as it sounds! We were inspired by a clever member of the Pinch of Nom community who made a lasagne using some leftovers of our Pulled Pork.  

We’ve swapped pork for gammon for this recipe (to keep the calories down), and it works just as well. Cook your BBQ-seasoned meat in the oven until it’s fall-off-the-fork tender, or work it around your schedule – we’ve got a slow cooker and an Instant Pot version of this recipe too. 

Layer it up with our slimming-friendly white sauce, lasagne sheets and plenty of cheese on top and you’ve got yourself a proper winter warmer!

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