1.5 Syn Scan Bran Rocky Road Muffins | Slimming World

A while back in group I was given a pack of Scan Bran, and despite having every intention of making something amazing with it I spent the next few weeks just staring blankly at the packet waiting for some sort of inspiration to hit me. Every time I walked past the pack I’d think “I really must do something with that” but nothing!

1.5 Syn Scan Bran Rocky Road Muffins | Slimming World
Finally, after about a month or so, I was challenged on our Facebook group to make something using Scan Bran, so never one to turn down a challenge I started looking into what I could do to make these hard, tasteless pieces of cardboard into something a bit more palatable.

1.5 Syn Scan Bran Rocky Road Muffins | Slimming World

After many hours looking at various recipes I noticed one thing that kept cropping up was Scan Bran Rocky Road Muffins. They seemed simple enough, and if what people were saying was to be believed they tasted nothing like Scan Bran, which is what I was after.

1.5 Syn Scan Bran Rocky Road Muffins | Slimming World

So, after substituting a few things, and adding some extra ingredients and generally trying to make the recipe better I came up with this. I think it turned out pretty well.

This 1.5 Syn Scan Bran Rocky Road Muffins recipe uses 5 Scan Bran crisp breads which counts as 1 HEB, and each muffin is worth 1.5 syns. So you could split the muffins over a 2 or 3 days and adjust your HEB accordingly, or just syn the Scan Bran (they are 5.5 syns for 5 crispbreads)

The first thing you need to do when you are baking or cooking with Scan Bran is soak the crispbreads in boiling water until they are soft.

1.5 Syn Scan Bran Rocky Road Muffins | Slimming World

You then need to drain them off and squeeze out any remaining liquid. This isn’t a very pleasant experience, but bear with it, it will be worth it in the end!

1.5 Syn Scan Bran Rocky Road Muffins | Slimming World

What is Sukrin?

Sukrin make a range of all natural sugar alternatives.

We like to use Sukrin Gold, which is a brown sugar substitute, for a lot of our recipes as it doesn’t have that artificial taste that most other sugar substitutes do. They also make Sukrin Icing, which is a fab alternative to normal Icing Sugar.

1.5 Syn Scan Bran Rocky Road Muffins | Slimming World

If you haven’t tried it yet you really should! You can buy Sukrin Gold from Muscle Food & use our exclusive discount code NOM5 for £5 off orders over £25! Or you can also get it from Amazon.

Sukrin Icing is also available from Muscle Food and Amazon.

You can find the Chocolate Extract on Amazon as well as Sweet Freedom Choc Shot

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1.5 Syn Scan Bran Rocky Road Muffins | Slimming World

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  1. Pre-heat the oven to 180'C.
  2. Soak the scan bran in boiling water until it has soften, drain and mash.
  3. Beat the eggs, then add the sweetener and whisk until dissolved.
  4. Add the Cocoa, Chocolate Extract, 3/4 of the broken biscuit, all but 7 marshmallows and the Scan Bran, then mix well to combine.
  5. Divide the mix between 7 muffin cases and bake for 20-30 minutes until firm. They should be spongey when you press down lightly and spring back
  6. Let the muffins cool, then mix the Sukrin Icing with 1 - 2 tsp of Choc Shot and 1 - 2 tsp of tepid water. Stir until smooth and glossy
  7. Spread the icing on top of each muffin and top with 2 halfs of a marshmallow and a sprinkle of broken biscuit


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  1. Looks good definitely going to try this one going to do the scan bran challenge in group next week and I hate the stuff so this may be the answer I am looking for !

  2. Could u use any sweetener for these? Really want to make them NOW! But only have normal sweetener not sukrin????

    1. Hi Kerry,

      The syn value of the marshmallows is 2 syns. This has been included in the total syn value of 1.5 syns per muffin (using your HEB, or part of, for the Scan Bran). I have now added the info to the ingredients in the recipe to make it clear.

  3. Absolutely fantastic, have really missed eating cakes and this recipe was so easy to follow! Love the recommendation of Sukrin, much prefer it to sweetener! Will definitely make these cakes again ❤️

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