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Quick & Easy Food Planner – Out Now!


Are you ready to smash your goals? Reaching your slimming targets is now easier than ever with our new Quick & Easy Food Planner! 

This three-month planner includes 26 exclusive recipes that you won’t find anywhere else. Easy to prepare and quick to cook, these are simple, slimming friendly meals designed to help you meet your goals. 

Choose from delicious, filling meals including Sticky Mustard Chicken, Cheeseburger Pasta Bake or sweet treats like Peanut Butter and Banana Ice Cream. 

The sturdy, spiral bound planner has space to write down your meal plans, shopping lists, goals and achievements, with fun stickers to help you celebrate those milestones!

With motivational quotes to keep you focused and a dedicated space to track your progress, this planner will transform your slimming journey. 

It’s so easy to stay organised, stay inspired and stay on track!

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Frequently asked questions

What’s the difference between this planner and the previous ones?

This planner includes 26 BRAND NEW recipes that are quick and easy to prepare. Like our second planner, it’s spiral bound and hardback, and has some really cool features like tear-out shopping lists and gorgeous Nom stickers!

How much will the planner cost?

The RRP is currently set at £10.99.

To get the best price, remember to check out various retailers for different prices/deals and factor in any postage costs.

Is it available on the high street and in supermarkets?

Yes! You’ll find it in all the major supermarkets and bookshops!

Does it accompany a specific diet plan like ‘Weight Watchers’?

No. We have lots of people who follow a variety of different diet plans that use our website – in fact, we have many people who just use the website for recipe ideas without following a diet plan at all.

Because of this, we’ve decided to keep the planner accessible to everyone and haven’t mentioned any values for specific diet plans. 

We’ve provided calorie counts per portion for each of the 26 recipes included, and there’s also a section for you to track any values that you might use, alongside your daily meal tracking!

Is the planner just full of recipes that are already on the website or in the other cookbook?

No. The 26 recipes in this planner are brand new and not available anywhere else!

Will the planner have veggie recipes in?

Yes! 9 recipes in the planner are veggie and lots of the other recipes can be easily adapted!

What about fish recipes? Sometimes slimming books are packed full of them and nothing else!

Although we love fish, we totally understand that some people don’t! We’ve definitely not bombarded you with fish recipes in this planner and only 2 of the 26 recipes use fish. We’ve tried to include recipes that we think might appeal to even those who aren’t usually massive fans of fish!

Your first planner covered six months, why is this one only three months?

This planner is packed full of new features and useful content to help keep you motivated. As we didn’t want to compromise on any of these or reduce the number of exclusive recipes provided, we’ve chosen to make this planner three months instead!

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