How to Arrange Your Healthy Freezer Meals

Sometimes eating slimming-friendly meals and keeping on track requires a bit of organisation and planning! Batch cooking and freezing food is a great way to use up ingredients and create hassle-free weeknight dinners. 

How to Arrange your Healthy Freezer Meals

How to make the most of your freezer space

Freezers vary in shapes and sizes, and making room for everything can be tricky! 

Our list of how to arrange your healthy freezer meals will help to save you time, money and stress to make life sooo much easier!

Make-ahead healthy freezer meals prep

How to Arrange your Healthy Freezer Meals

Whip up a huge batch of mashed potatoes and freeze individual servings in muffin cups. Once they are frozen, pop out and store in an airtight container. 

How to Arrange Your Healthy Freezer Meals

When you need them, simply get them out and heat in a microwave! 

TIP: Mashed potatoes are also great to use in place of flour to thicken soups and stews too!

Next time you cook up a meal like Mexican chilli beef, spicy sausage pasta or Nando’s spicy rice, make double, portion out into labelled containers and freeze.

How to Arrange Your Healthy Freezer Meals

Then throughout the week you have some healthy freezer meals ready to heat up without the fuss! Winner!

Here’s a handy tip to get a base for stews and casseroles started:

Chop onion and celery and saute for 5-10 minutes in herbs, then spoon into ice cube trays and freeze. Once frozen, pop the veggie cubes into a labelled freezer container to store. Great to throw into a pan when you start cooking. This saves us SO much time!

Cook up a big batch of soup like our pea and ham recipe then freeze individual servings.

How to Arrange Your Healthy Freezer Meals

Line bowls with food bags, pour in the soup and freeze. Once frozen, remove from the bowls and keep until you are craving a bowl of warming soup! So quick and SO comforting!

Love porridge for breakfast but don’t have time to make it in the morning? Us too! Cook up a big portion, pour into a muffin tin and freeze. Once frozen, remove from the tin and seal up in a freezer bag – you’ll have porridge servings ready to grab and pop in the microwave. Sorted! 

Good news for your side dishes, salads and stir-fries – you can freeze cooked rice! Next time you’re cooking some, do more than you need then allow to cool fully, portion and freeze for a later date. An easy peasy freezer meals hack to help get dinner on the table when you’re busy.

Cut down on food waste

How to Arrange your Healthy Freezer Meals

Got overripe bananas sitting in the fruit bowl? Why not peel, cut into chunks and freeze in a freezer bag? Once solid, chuck them into a blender with a little milk, cinnamon, cocoa powder and a squeeze of honey and there you go, slimming friendly ice cream! Tastes AMAZING! 

If you’ve boiled or steamed your vegetables, don’t pour away the cooking liquid – store in an airtight container in your freezer or even better, pop into ice cube trays.

How to Arrange Your Healthy Freezer Meals

Perfect veggie stock for a tasty bolognese or risotto! 

Do you usually throw away the ends of a loaf of bread? In future, keep them in a freezer bag.

How to Arrange Your Healthy Freezer Meals

When a recipe requires breadcrumbs, like our homemade fish fingers, throw them in a food processor or blender and away you go!

If you have fresh ginger in the fridge but don’t want to waste it, peel the whole ginger root and freeze.

How to Arrange Your Healthy Freezer Meals

When a recipe calls for ginger – such as our chicken satay curry – pop out of the freezer, grate what you need and then return the unused portion – it’ll last for ages!

If your fresh herbs are looking a bit sad, place washed chopped sprigs in an ice cube tray then fill with water. Once frozen, store them in a freezer bag – it’s so easy to pull out and drop into any recipes that require those herbs. 

Game-changing hacks and tricks 

How to Arrange your Healthy Freezer Meals

Repackage meat and poultry you’ve bought for grilling and transfer to freezer bags. Add your favourite marinade to each bag and make sure the meat is coated, then freeze. When you plan to cook, defrost the bag in the fridge then it’s ready to cook!

Lots of recipes call for a tablespoon of tomato puree. Whether you have a tube or tin, you might not be using it all so give this hack a go. Line a baking sheet with waxed paper and spoon tablespoons onto the paper and freeze. Then all you need to do is peel them off, place in a freezer bag or container then add to your recipe.

Be savvier with eggs for baking by cracking them and separating the yolks and whites into tubs so there’s no fussing around.

How to Arrange Your Healthy Freezer Meals

Or how about beating eggs before freezing and placing in a lidded container – great for quick scrambled eggs, omelettes or frittata! 

Slice up lemons, limes and oranges, put in a bag and freeze so they can be added to cool down cocktails or summer drinks. Or how about freezing fruit like blueberries, strawberries and grapes for a low calorie sweet and satisfying snack! 

Did you know that grated cheese freezes well? An essential for anyone’s freezer, it’s best to portion it out. Then when a meal, like our butternut squash lasagne, calls for some, you’re prepared.

How to Arrange Your Healthy Freezer Meals

TIP: Mozzarella contains less than three quarters the calories of other cheeses and also freezes well. 

Our next healthy freezer meals hack is for anyone who loves ice cream but wants to keep things lower in calories. Place a lolly stick into a small individual yogurt pot then freeze – a super tasty snack or dessert for adults and kids alike.

Get organised 

How to Arrange your Healthy Freezer Meals

If you’ve got a chest freezer, try this handy trick: Use different coloured fabric shopping bags for each food group or type of meat, meaning that finding what you need is much quicker and hassle-free! 

When you’ve been food shopping and you’ve bought lots of frozen items, boxes can take up valuable space so when possible, remove the contents, ditch the boxes and transfer to freezer bags – just remember to cut out the cooking directions and tape to the bag!

Invest in some cheap plastic bins or boxes – or if you’re doing your bit for the environment and cutting down on plastic, use clean cardboard boxes – to use as compartments for items in the freezer so you’re really organised. Separate items into type of ingredient, food group etc.

For those who are super organised and like to make big batches of healthy freezer meals like our beef stroganoff or chicken fajita pasta, portion out and freeze.

How to Arrange Your Healthy Freezer Meals

Keep a section of the freezer free just dedicated to these. Each lidded container should have a label with the day of when to eat – then you’ve got a week’s worth of lunches or dinners all good to go and in one place! Easy peasy!

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How to Arrange Your Healthy Freezer Meals

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