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Released 12/12!

We are SO excited to announce that our second cookbook, Pinch of Nom: Everyday Light is being released on 12 December 2019 and is available for pre-order now!!!

The past six months have been a whirlwind and we’ve been busy bees working away on our next project for you! Never in our wildest dreams did we expect the response we received after the launch of our first cookbook in March.

As the name suggests, this book is entirely focused on meals you can make every day that all come in at 400 calories or less…INCLUDING accompaniments!

There will be 100 NEW & EXCLUSIVE recipes for you to enjoy that are easy, delicious and make slimming hassle-free.

About the book

So what does Everyday Light mean? Well, the simple answer is that all of the meals in this book come in at under 400 calories.

We’ve made sure to use the right ingredients so you’re still getting decent portions! We don’t create recipes where you only got a teaspoon of food – we want to give you the same hearty Pinch of Nom food you’ve come to know and love.

All of these dishes are either complete meals, or we have suggested an accompaniment that will still bring the dish under 400 calories.

All of the recipes show calorie values (all under 400 remember!) and will also work alongside the major diet plans in the UK if you’re following them – most of them require no counting of any values at all, but please do check with your diet plan to be sure.

As ever, all the recipes have been tried and tested by our lovely army of recipe testers – and you can expect to see tasty, hearty, Pinch of Nom style meals like Fish and Chips, Pizza Loaded Fries, Sloppy Dogs and Firecracker Prawns.

Frequently asked questions

How much will the book cost?

As with our first cookbook, the RRP is £20 for all retailers, however individual retailers set their own pricing and many will reduce this price at point of release – we don’t have any control over what the retailer sets their pricing at or when they will take the payment.

Some retailers have a pre-order price guarantee – if the price decreases after you have ordered it – you will be charged the lowest price when the book is dispatched.

It is worth checking if this applies with your retailer of choice – we’ve included links to the pre-order messages from the retailers we link to on our website here.

We can only advise that you shop around for the best price – as you would with any purchase.

Amazon’s Pre-Order Price Guarantee

Waterstones Pre-Order Price Promise

WH Smith Pre-Order Policy

Some retailers listed here will take the payment right away, others will only take the payment on dispatch. Please check with the retailer that you’ve chosen to purchase from for more details.

Will it be available on the high street and in supermarkets?

In short – Yes! You’ll find it in all the major supermarkets & bookshops on December 12!

What nutritional information is provided?

As with our first cookbook, there will be no values for diet plans.

However, as before, we’ve got clear calorie counts listed and now have carb values for those who requested them last time round. And as mentioned, all calorie counts are under 400!

Is the book just full of recipes that are already on the website?

No. Every single recipe in Everyday Light is 100% exclusive to the book, and you won’t find them anywhere else!

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