Chicken with Yellow Bean Sauce

  • 15MINS
  • 9MINS
  • Serves 4
  • 400KCAL

We’ve given one of our favourite takeaways a Pinch of Nom twist. Salty and a bit sweet, this Chinese-inspired recipe is on your table in under half an hour – no way a delivery could beat that! Plenty of fresh veggies give a satisfying crunch, and fill you up without adding calories.

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Chicken with Yellow Bean Sauce

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Leaving out the cashew nuts will reduce the calories in a portion of this dish to 266 kcal and 21g of carbohydrates.

Make it Veggie

For a vegetarian meal, swap the chicken for Quorn fillets.

So good. Better than a takeaway.
This takes no time at all to prepare. It’s so worth the effort and saving!
Another yummy delicious dinner.
I added some Water chestnuts to mine, it added to the delicious dish. Quick and easy to do.
Improvised as no yellow bean sauce
Couldn't find yellow bean sauce in any supermarket, so improvised with black bean sauce. The result was very tasty!
Delicious and quick
Couldn't get yellow bean paste so used black bean instead. Amazing taste and so filling.

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‘This takes no time at all to prepare. It’s so worth the effort and saving!’

Helen Jackson

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See what others have to say

MarionWednesday 28th December 2022

My local supermarket doesn’t stock yellow bean sauce. where can I buy this and what exactly do I look for?


    SharonMonday 2nd January 2023

    Hi Marion, Chinese yellow bean sauce comes in tins or jars and can be found most easily in Asian supermarkets and on Amazon. Hope this helps.


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