Cottage Pie with a Cheesy Cauliflower Top

  • 20MINS
  • 43MINS
  • Serves 4
  • 427KCAL

How does cottage pie-meets-cauliflower cheese sound? We’ve given our timeless Cottage Pie a seriously cheesy twist by swapping out the mashed potato for a much lighter cauliflower topping. There’s cheese mixed into the cauli mash and sprinkled over the top too, so just wait until this starts bubbling in the oven – it smells incredible!

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Cottage Pie with a Cheesy Cauliflower Top

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Swap This

Swap the beef mince with lamb, pork or turkey mince.

I don't think I'll ever use mash again!!
Par boiled the cauliflower and it was a beautiful substitute for mash. Instead of baking in the oven I did it in my ninja 14 in 1 at 190 for 10 minutes and it came out perfect.
A winter warmer with hidden cauliflower!
If your kids are not keen on cauliflower, half and half the topping with potato and cauliflower. Once mashed together with the cheese the didn't even taste the cauliflower. We added a tablespoon of horseradish for a bit of a kick too!
Don't like Leek?
I'm not a big fan of Leek, so used celery instead.
Cauliflower topping made this so light it was delicious.
We used Lamb Mince and we put in a chicken stock pot and red wine stock pot instead of beef. Served with tender stem broccoli and broad beans.
Real comfort food at its best
I used cauliflower and broccoli cheese to top it
A lovely alternative to mash!
If user a ricer to mash the cauliflower beware of the excess water!
Fabulous and tasty
Quick and easy to make. I did add 1 tsp of cornflour to make the sauce slightly thicker but it depends how you like it. Tasty and so so filling. A huge hit.
Used some broccoli as well as cauliflower as didn’t have enough cauliflower. Tasted lovely

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See what others have to say

Ann marie IbbitsonWednesday 11th January 2023

Hi can you freeze the cottage pie with cheesy cauliflower topping


    SharonFriday 13th January 2023

    Hi Ann Marie, Yes, you can freeze our Cottage Pie with a Cheesy Cauliflower Top. The recipe can be found in our ‘Enjoy’ book on page 108, where you will see a blue ‘Freeze Me’ badge at the top of the page. Do hope this helps and enjoy the recipe!


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