Doner Kebab

  • 10MINS
  • 1HR 45MINS
  • 170KCAL

This recipe combines some clever seasoning with simple minced beef to create a tasty, guilt-free fakeaway. Slow-cooking the ingredients retains the flavour and means you can throw the ingredients in before work and come home to a takeaway already delivered. You can even freeze it once cooked (provided the minced beef hasn't already been frozen).

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Doner Kebab

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What a great fake-away!
This is so yummy, gently spiced and so much less fat than a take away! I made a day ahead and then sliced thin and poured a bit of stock over before reheating to make sure it didn’t go dry. We had with pittas, salad, yoghurt and chili sauces.
Made the slow cooker method. I prepped the meat the night before to allow the flavours to develop, used a loaf tin to get an even shape and help firm up in the fridge.
Pressure cooked in ninja
I made ahead so the flavours could develop. Easy cooking and no mess as cooked in foil.
Same taste no grease
First time making, mixed the night before wrapped in tin foil left in fridge. Cooked in ninja 180 for 1 hour added wedges after 30 mins came out perfect. Drizzled in light Mayo and lemon juice. Taste like takeout without all the grease. Lovely!
Gorgeous doner kebab. MAKE MAKE MAKE
This was so easy and so nice. At first I thought how many ingredients but I had them all in except 2 which was fab. I did mine in a loaf tin with liner next time I'll leave the liner out. It went a little bit dry but was still really flavoursome
Such a simple yet delicious meal
This is a lovely tea, I cooked it in the oven with a dish of water in the bottom so it didn't dry out. It was delicious and super easy to make.
The ultimate Favourite
Add home made fat free yoghurt sauce. To get the true takeaway feel, I swapped the nan bread for a kebab wrap. It adds a few extra calories, but no where near as many as a real takeaway. I paired this with PON bombay potatoes 👌

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‘Tastes just like the take away but so much lower in calories a big hit in our house from the takeaway lovers’


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SanSunday 13th August 2023

Hello I made this but it was dry how can I make it less dry


    Cheryl LloydFriday 9th February 2024

    It sounds like it may have been a little bit overcooked 😊


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