Pulled Ham in a Mustard Sauce

  • 5MINS
  • 8HR
  • 191KCAL

This simple recipe is a great main to pair with any of your favourite sides, and it's perfect for batch cooking so you always have a delicious dinner ready in the freezer!

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Confused between ham and gammon? It's gammon when it's raw and ham when it's cooked! You don't need all the stock for this dish, so once it's cool, you can freeze it in an ice-cube tray ready to use in your stews and soups.

Some gammon joints need to be soaked in water for a few hours then drained before cooking or they will become too salty. To test if yours needs soaking, cut a small piece off the joint and fry it in a pan. If it's too salty once cooked, soak it first. This recipe coats the shredded meat in sauce. If you want it saucier, double the sauce ingredients. This will add an extra 54 kcal to each portion.

Hint & Tip
I used a slow cooker and a 750g piece of gammon so only used 300ml of stock rather than 600ml. I did make the full mustard sauce though rather than cutting the ingredients down. There's a portion left for the freezer too!
Hint and Top
I used two extra tablespoons of stock and an extra teaspoon of the Dijon Mustard when making the sauce so I had a little extra.
Makes lots of portions brilliant for batch cooking.
Try ricotta instead of cream cheese and a mix of mustard
I used 1 TSP of grain mustard and a TSP of Dijon. I had riccota in the fridge so used that instead of cream cheese. Save money by using a ham hock like I did.
I doubled the sauce
I found the sauce wouldn't thicken so I transferred it to a saucepan to heat it up to thicken it
Meaty, cheesy, heaven!
I added a tsp of garlic with a generous helping of Italian seasoning and black pepper to the dish on this occasion, served with boiled new potatoes and steamed broccoli. Lots of home grown chives added as well, so easy to grow and delicious!
Family favourite!
My hubby isn't keen on pulled meats, so I roughly chopped the Gammon instead, still worked really well and was a huge hit in our house! This will definitely be a regular meal for us! I did also soak the Gammon overnight before slow cooking.
Fantastic Batch Cook Recepe
Batch cooked a few weeks ago, hubby away so defrosted added some peas and then a layer of boiled jersey royals over the top finally touch of low fat cheese grilled over the top
Could be stretched further
Made 10 very generous portions, served with new potatoes and veg, I think I will probably double the sauce next time
Bit if a faff but totally worth it. Absolutely delicious 😋
Try and buy the leanest gammon joint possible and watch your sauce doesn't split. Mine split and was a bit grainy, but still tasted delicious 😋😋😋😋
Add eggs and peas!
Add boiled eggs and peas with any leftovers for lunch. Gorgeous reheated!
Plenty to go around!
I halved the recipe as I only have a small slow cooker but there was still plenty to go round and leftovers for lunch the next day. We had it in a grilled panini the following day with some salad, was just as tasty!

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‘Goes great with a big plateful of veggies and some roast potatoes. Perfect for a winter Sunday lunch.’

Janice Charlesworth

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