Sweet and Spicy Meatballs

  • 15MINS
  • 20MINS
  • 315KCAL

These Sweet and Spicy Meatballs are made using 5%-fat pork mince and served in a deliciously sticky sauce. At first glance, this recipe might seem like it has a lot of ingredients but we promise it's worth it, as all of the spices and sauces combine perfectly to create a dish that's ideal for Friday night fakeaway! This is a moderately spicy recipe, but if you like your food hotter then just add an extra tablespoon of sriracha sauce or teaspoon of chilli powder.

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Swap This

Swap the pork mince for beef, turkey or chicken mince.

Lots of ingredients to think about but pretty easy to do
Take your time and keep an eye on the meatballs as pork dries out if in for too long
Great flavour packed sauce. I think I would prefer it with chicken to the pork meatballs but I may adapt them to add more texture.
I got 18 meatballs in total, so double up if you're hungry.
Goes well with rice or spaghetti. I would double all the quantities next time as I had planned to freeze a portion but there was none left 😋😂.
Easy to make and a family hit.
I found the sauce a little thick, so added some water, which didn't take anything away from it.
Next time I will do extra sauce we like plenty of sauce with our food. I have lots of various hot sauces so didn't go out and buy the scricha I used Chipotle sauce.
Add more chilli powder to taste if you like it hotter
I used minced turkey to lower the calories
Fresh Chillies
Add 2 Birds Eye Chillies to the meatball mixture. Then another 1-2 to the sauce mix if you dare… hot hot hot
Deceptively filling! A little goes a long way
I precooked the meatballs in the air fryer to save time.
Lovely with a bit of a kick
I used chicken meatballs
Double up on the sauce recipe
If you like a bit of sauce on your dish, you'll definitely want to double up but keep the Sriracha sauce the same
So tasty, spicy and filling! Perfect treat
Rich, spicy and saucy! As others have suggested I agree that doubling the sauce ensures you get a nice gooey covering if that’s what you like. Go careful on the chilli if you don’t like it spicy!
Prepare everything in advance and then it doesn’t seem so daunting due to the amount of ingredients. Really easy to follow the recipe. Definitely a winner for me.
Really easy and packs a punch!
This recipe is super easy to follow. My hubby felt it was a little too spicy for him so next time I might reduce the sriracha sauce. It was really filling and delicious!
Lovely recipe left out the chilli as don’t like too hot
Very spicy but took out the chilli, doubled up on the peppers as really like them but you could add mushrooms and baby corn to bulk up your veg intake
Made with Chicken!
Swap the meatballs for chicken, double the sauce and have as a chicken dish with either rice or even spaghetti! Amazing!
Absolutely gorgeus and a firm family favorite
I doubled the sauce as it was so nice. I also served mine with egg noodles so the sauce soaked into the noodles
We have had with pork, beef and even chicken
Absolutely stunning! Super tasty but quick and easy…perfect!
I used my left-over roasted red peppers in vinegar from the Creamy Roasted Red Pepper & Chicken Pasta recipe instead of fresh peppers to reduce food waste and the result was amazing.
Best fakeaway ever
Used 1/4 Sirachi sauce and was still spicy enough for us.
How is this low calorie?
I substituted the pork mince for 5% beef mince, still low in calorie and tasted amazing. The sauce was easy to make and delicious. I also batch cooked this and even on day 5 I wasn’t bored of it. Yummy.
What a naughty feeling treat!
Such a tasty sauce and felt like a naughty takeaway. Will try them soon with beef mince (as my husband prefers beef!) yummy!
The BEST for both sweet & spicy lovers!
Can’t decide between sweet or spicy? Have both with this gorgeous recipe! I love it because it can be served with whatever you fancy too! Pasta, rice, potatoes…
Really easy, we loved it, really tasty.
I would do extra sauce next time, and not to forget to alter calories etc. not to add too much chilli
Absolutely delicious, perfection on a plate !
This is a hot spicy dish, but perfectly balanced, I made a batch and froze it to savour later. Wow it is amazing !
additional passata tomato sauce
Perfectly proportioned sweetness and spice, but I added some additional passata tomato sauce in order to make more sauce, it did not impair the flavour. at all. Yum !!
This has a massive kick to it!
If your sensitive to spice maybe half the sriracha. This is hot hot hot!!!
Absolutely amazing
I double the sauce but only add the 2 tablespoons of sriracha and 1 teaspoon of chilli and it’s still hot, if you haven’t tried it I highly recommend it’s so delicious and a firm favourite
Do not be tempted to have the heat on too high or cook any longer than it needs to be as the sauce will go to thick and eventually evaporate. It was nice to have some sauce left in the pan to make sure I could taste every last spoon full. Delicious!
Quick and easy and so full of flavour
I used slimming worlds own meatballs, which reduced the syn values. I also didn't have any orange juice but used undiluted orange squash and was still amazing

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‘Tasty, easy, filling meal who knew sweet and spicy would work so well!!’

Anna rowland

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ShazThursday 7th December 2023

Made these meat balls with plant based no beef “meat”. Tasted lovely will make this again.


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