Chicken Piccata

  • 15MINS
  • 55MINS
  • Serves 4
  • 265KCAL

Inspired by a classic Italian dish, this lemony chicken was an instant favourite in our house. The traditional recipe usually has a rich butter sauce, but we’ve pulled out a few slimming-friendly swaps to make our version nice and light. If you love citrusy sauces, this one’s for you – the lemons become so soft you can eat them, and add so much flavour!

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Chicken Piccata

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Swap This

You can use white wine instead of a white wine stock pot. Replace the white wine stock pot with 100mls medium or dry white wine and use 350mls boiling water instead of 450mls to make up the chicken stock pot. If you do this you will need to adjust the calories accordingly

A dish for the whole family!
If you want even more punch and pops of flavour in every mouthful swap the capers in brine for salted nonpareille capers.
Chicken Piccata
Halved the ingredients for two of us. Really tasty cooked for a bit less than the last 10 minutes as the sauce was lovely and thick and the chicken was piping hot.
I used white wine instead of the wine stock
Indulgent but light
I doubled the sauce and adjusted calories for more sauce. Would be good as a Chinese lemon chicken without the capers and served with rice.
When I make it again I will definitely put some veg in there for a bit of colour.
Used thighs instead of breast, much juicier!

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‘We felt like we were dining in a restaurant - the dish was amazing. We sat outside and ate Al Fresco with an accompanying glass of wine.’

Nicola Grey

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