Creamy Bacon, Onion and Potatoes

  • 10MINS
  • 45MINS
  • Serves 4
  • 266KCAL

We’ve turned cheap and cheerful ingredients into this indulgent-tasting dish that you can make without even turning your oven on. The recipe couldn’t be any simpler: everything goes into a pan and, in under an hour, you can be tucking into creamy potatoes and salty bacon.

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Creamy Bacon, Onion and Potatoes

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We recommend a low-fat cream cheese rather than a fat-free one. The result is a little richer and reheats better if you batch cook the recipe. Use new potatoes in this dish as the slices will stay whole and won't break up as easily as floury potatoes. Cut them into uniform 5 mm (1/4 in)-thick slices so that they cook evenly.

Swap This

You could swap the bacon for cooked ham or cooked gammon. Simply add for the final 10 minutes after the cream cheese is stirred in.

Absolutely delicious 😋
Used 400 ml stock instead of 600 as wanted it thicker and added peas
Sauce amount
The amount of sauce could be halved because there's a lot more than preferred. But it's a own opinion of how much sauce each person likes.
Took the bacon out to make a vegetarian dish.
Finished it under the grill
Added a fine grating of Parmesan then popped it under the grill to brown
Tastes really luxurious
I cooked this a bit longer for a thicker sauce, it's delicious 😋
Dairy Free!
It was easy to make dairy free with alternative cream cheese, which meant we also needed less stock.

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