• 10MINS
  • 30MINS
  • 398KCAL

Jambalaya, a traditional Louisiana dish, contains a sausage as a staple ingredient its tomato-based sauce tastes incredible combined with the Cajun spice mix. You can add any meat you like to the recipe; we've chosen chicken to keep this meal everyday light, but you could use pork, prawns or both for an occasional indulgent twist.

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How To Batch

Cool within 1 hour of cooking, then divide into individual portions and freeze immediately. Find detailed guidelines on storing and reheating rice on page 11.

We've listed the sausages as pre-cooked as they are easier to slice if they've been left to cool down, but you could cook them according to packet instructions as a first step.

This is one of my favourite PON recipes. Most recently made it with red pepper fajita seasoning instead of Cajun. Worked great!
Used orange and yellow peppers, next time I will use green and red, for some colour contrast, very tasty though
I added a bit of chilli sauce to it when I reheated it.
Don’t worry if it’s too liquidy!
I was a little worried with the amount of liquid in the pan to begin but if you leave it to simmer exactly as long as the book says it turns out perfectly!
Love this recipe! So simple yet so tasty!
I use basmati rice and add a little more water and keep my eye on it. I cut the chicken and cooked sausage up small so it mixes better.
A Firm Family Favourite
We have used all sorts of vegetables in this dish, swap out quantities for vegetables you have to hand. Also use microwave rice to save time. For an extra tasty 'naughty' version add chopped Chorizo as well as the sausage and chicken... Delicious.
Batch cook bestie!
One of my favourites to cook. I substituted the rice for orzo and still tasted amazing. Also used chicken sausages instead of diced chicken and again still tasted amazing.

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