Mini Chicken Kyiv Balls

  • 20MINS
  • 20MINS
  • Serves 4
  • 333KCAL

These nifty baked bites are bursting with big Kyiv flavour! Stuffed with tasty garlic and parsley ‘butter’, we’ve even covered them in a crispy, golden breadcrumb shell.

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Mini Chicken Kyiv Balls

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Swap This

You can replace the minced chicken breast with minced turkey breast.

Make then cheesy
I swapped the low fat spread in the filling for light cheddar spread. I might also add some chopped chilli to the filling next time. I also made the balls bigger by make 8 balls from the mix instead of 12.
Great end product, but give yourself plenty of time to make.
Use a good quality spread as softer ones make it difficult to get the chicken mix wrapped around the filling before it starts to soften. Also try to make the fillings as round as possible before putting them in the freezer.
They are amazing definitely recommend
These are absolutely gorgeous, put the mixture in little freezer bags they froze easily and we're easy to get out. They are delicious, definitely will be making these again
Made 8 instead of 12
I made the balls bigger as it was easier to work with the mince
Quite a bit of preparation BUT so worth it taste amazing
Latex gloves used for the dipping in flour, egg, breadcrumbs. Keep your right hand for breadcrumbs or it can be messy
Little bit fiddly but so worth the effort - delicious
Made these with turkey mince which turned out great- I also made extra garlic butter and froze in an ice cube tray - will make it quicker and easier to make these again.
Messy but fun
These felt very messy to make but I think that was my own fault so a massive tip I would give is use one hand for dry ingredients and one for liquid ingredients when coating
Very easy, but messy to make. Love this version of a classic
We used turkey mince as we couldn't get any chicken mince & they were delicious. We didn't have onion granules or parsley and they were still very moreish. They were very moist & not many of them had leaked during cooking. We will make these again!!

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‘Never thought of making my own chicken kyivs but so glad I found the recipe for these. Straight forward to make and the flavour is amazing. Big hit in our house!’


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