Salted Caramel and Chocolate Popcorn Bites

  • 10MINS
  • 8MINS
  • Serves 16
  • 69KCAL

Bring the whole family together around a shareable treat with these tasty popcorn bites. Bound with sticky caramel, we’ve made these chocolate-covered popcorn pieces extra-delicious with a light sprinkling of sea salt on top (which you can omit if you prefer). Budget-friendly, lower in calories than most shop-bought alternatives (just 69 calories a pop!) and super easy to make – give them a go!

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Salted Caramel and Chocolate Popcorn Bites

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To make these with shop-bought ready-made popcorn rather than popping your own kernels, you will need 50g of ready-made popcorn. Try a lightly salted type to add a bit more saltiness to the salted caramel flavour or you may wish to omit the sea salt flakes on the top, depending on your taste. Alternatively, if you like things sweet, use lightly sweetened ready-made popcorn and add the sea salt flakes. Popcorn coated in butter or caramel may make the bites too sweet.

The wattage and power output of different microwaves varies. These timings were tested in an 800-watt microwave and are a guide only, so you may need to adjust the timings slightly depending on the power of your microwave.

We use sugar-free chewy creamy toffees such as Werther's Original Sugar-free Creamy Toffees, not the hard butter candies.

So moreish!!
We added some marshmallows and white chocolate to top too! (Requested by the little ones!) The marshmallows added to that chewy goodness! Yum!

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‘Couldn't get the toffee sweets so used sprinkles instead. Kids and adults loved them’

Sarah merrick

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