Tikka Masala Salmon

  • 10MINS
  • 25MINS
  • Serves 6
  • 254KCAL

Fish and curry might sound like an unusual combo, but trust us – it really works! We’ve swapped out chicken for protein-packed salmon chunks, and we love how well the salmon fillets soak up the tikka flavouring. We’ve used peppers and courgettes, but this curry will repurpose any leftover veggies. Try bulking yours out with aubergine, green beans or cauliflower.

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It is important to deglaze the pressure cooker with low calorie cooking spray in the second step as this will remove any crispy bits from the bottom of the pot; this will avoid the burn message later on in cooking. Stir the pan only lightly when you add the salmon back to the sauce - you want the salmon to hold its chunky shape without breaking up too much.

An ideal recipe if mealtimes are short of time
I found it did not detract from the flavour at all by making the sauce in advance and just adding the salmon to warm through at mealtime, saving time when you are busy
Absolutely delicious, such a flavoursome way to have salmon.
Gorgeous flavours. I left the salmon fillets whole and marinated longer. Excellent recipe, very easy to follow, I had everything prepared before I started cooking. Delicious!

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