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So many of you have told us how much you love our first two cookbooks and we love to see your creations over on our Facebook Group! We’re SO excited to share that Pinch of Nom: Quick & Easy is available now!

Pinch of Nom: Quick & Easy was released on 10th December 2020 and you can secure your copy today by ordering through the retailers below.

Our third recipe book is exactly what it says on the cover: 100 delicious, no NOM-sense meals that are minimum fuss with maximum flavour!

If you liked our first cookbook, then you will LOVE this one! More great-tasting, home-style recipes that are so good you’ll never guess the calorie count.

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Other recipes from the book...

Creamy Bolognese pinchofnom.com
Cookbook Quick & Easy pinchofnom.com
  • 1HR 55
  • 310KCal
Creamy Tuscan Chicken pinchofnom.com
Cookbook Quick & Easy pinchofnom.com
  • 30MINS
  • 284KCal
Dijon Pork pinchofnom.com
Cookbook Quick & Easy pinchofnom.com
  • 1HR 5
  • 320KCal
Dirty Macaroni pinchofnom.com
Cookbook Quick & Easy pinchofnom.com
  • 50MINS
  • 275KCal
Mongolian Beef pinchofnom.com
Cookbook Quick & Easy pinchofnom.com
  • 3HR 10
  • 500KCal
Pizza Pasta pinchofnom.com
Cookbook Quick & Easy pinchofnom.com
  • 40MINS
  • 390KCal
Viking Pork pinchofnom.com
Cookbook Quick & Easy pinchofnom.com
  • 20MINS
  • 325KCal

About our Quick & Easy cookbook

Kate and Kay owned a restaurant together on the Wirral in the UK, where Kate was head chef. Together they created the Pinch of Nom blog with the aim of teaching people how to cook. Now two books and a community of over 2m followers later, we’re SO excited to announce book number three!

Pinch of Nom: Quick & Easy showcases 100 delicious recipes that allow you to cut down the time and turn up the flavour.

Whether you’re getting in from a busy day at work or wanting a fuss-free family dinner, with these 100 tasty recip-ease, we’ve got your back! 

Including 40 vegetarian recipes and 47 that are free from gluten, we’ve kept it simple for those meals when you have little time or energy but still want to create something healthy and nutritious that everyone can enjoy.

Frequently asked questions

How much is the book?

As with our first and second cookbooks, the RRP is £20 for all retailers. However, individual retailers set their own pricing and many will discount this price heavily – we don’t have any control over what the retailer sets their pricing at, or when they will take the payment.

Is the book available on the high street and in supermarkets?

Yes, you’ll find it in all the major supermarkets & bookshops!

Does the book have vegetarian recipes in?

Yes! Nearly half of the total recipes are specifically veggie. Many of the meat dishes are easy to convert too.

Are any of the recipes from the first two books in this new book?

Not at all, we don’t recycle book recipes. There are 80 brand new recipes in this cookbook, and 20 are fan favourites from our website!

What nutritional information is provided?

We’ve included clear calorie counts listed for each recipe and nutritional info (calories, carbs, fibre etc) to make planning and tracking a breeze. As with our other cookbooks, there will be no values for diet plans, but you can find help with calculating them here.

Is the book just full of recipes that are already on the website?

Nope! There are 80 brand new, exclusive recipes in Quick & Easy, and we’ve handpicked some of our favourite zero fuss recipes from the website for ultimate convenience!

Who publishes the Pinch of Nom Books? 

Our books are published by Bluebird, which is an imprint of Pan Macmillan.

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