Creamy Chicken and Tarragon Hotpot

  • 20MINS
  • 1HR 25MINS
  • 371KCAL

Tarragon, a versatile herb with a light aniseed and vanilla flavour, works brilliantly in this chicken hotpot! Using light spreadable cheese in the sauce instead of cream means the calories are reduced, too.

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Pages 92-93

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Creamy Chicken and Tarragon Hotpot

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How to Batch

Cool within 2 hours of cooking (minus the tarragon garnish), then divide the cooked recipe into individual servings and freeze immediately

Swap this

Use chicken thighs or Quorn alternative instead of chicken breast, or for a totally vegetable filling, bulk it out with extra veg (e.g. butternut squash) instead of using chicken.

Delicious, nutritious and definitely has the ‘Nom Factor’
I add a parsnip to the pot so it really is packed with veg, I also use thighs instead of breast, just my preference. I don’t reduce it too much as the sauce is delicious. Everyone loves this, it’s sooo tasty!

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‘Recipe is absolutely fail safe, this dish is delicious and full of goodness!’

Karen Gibson

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See what others have to say

BarbarcSaturday 1st October 2022

Hi there
Im just making Creamy Chicken and Tarragon Hotpot .. from.your Quick.and Easy book .
I just wanted to ask at what stage do you add the onions garlic etc to the main dish It doesnt seem to say in the recipe …ive just added it all in when I added the stock pearl barley and herbs .. ??
Is that correct ?


    HollyMonday 3rd October 2022

    Hey Barbara, the onion and garlic is added in the first step of the recipe just after browning the chicken. Hope that helps!


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