Salted Caramel Rice Krispie Bars

  • 5MINS
  • 10MINS
  • 115KCAL

Sweet and salty caramel krispie bars, ideal for an indulgent afternoon treat. These delicious no-bake krispie bars are made using melted sugar-free chewy caramels, an ingenious alternative to traditional caramel. The real challenge is having just one!

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Pages 232-233

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Salted Caramel Rice Krispie Bars

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See what others have to say

HannahMonday 18th April 2022

Hi, I made that salted caramel
Krispies from the quick and easy cookbook. I made them to exactly the recipe, however I found them really soggy, didn’t hold shape and krispies were stale!
Where did I go wrong? Has anyone else had this problem?


    HollyTuesday 19th April 2022

    Hi Hannah, if the ingredient ratios are a little off this can make the finished bars too soft or too dry so accurate measuring of the ingredients is really important. When heating the milk and caramels this should be over a really low heat until the caramels are just melted, if the mixture is too hot it can make the rice krispies go soggy. We also find it best to chill these bars overnight so they are really set well and easy to cut, hope that helps!


Lisa DixWednesday 2nd February 2022

Hi I have the quick and easy cookbook and I’d like to make the salted caramel rice Krispie bars but don’t know the best chewy caramels to buy for this please can you advise me?!


    SharonWednesday 2nd February 2022

    Hi Lisa, we used Werther’s Original Sugar Free Chewy Caramels when we developed this recipe. Thanks for your question and enjoy the recipe!


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