Pizza Pasta

  • 15MINS
  • 25MINS
  • 390KCAL

If you love pizza and pasta, why choose just one when you can have both? This pizza pasta is super quick and easy to make; the perfect no-fuss meal to feed the whole family. Combining the classic flavours of a pepperoni pizza stirred through pasta and baked in the oven with a golden bubbly cheese top. A great crowd pleaser!

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Pizza Pasta

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How To Batch

Cool within 2 hours of cooking, without the basil garnish, then divide into individual servings and freeze immediately.

You could stir half the cheese into the pasta to make a further layer of cheese. Experiment with extra pizza topping flavours by adding extra ingredients like sweetcorn or pineapple. Make this vegetarian by removing the pepperoni and using Henderson's relish.

Added half Pepperoni, half Ham to give it a Meaty Pizza Feel
Add half your cheese into the pizza mix before putting into an over dish! Makes it so much more irresistible and you have plenty if Moazzarella on top for that cheesy pizza goodness!
Added smoky cooked chicken
I used a pack of smoky precooked chicken pieces and extra pepperoni to make the dish stretch further.
As well as the pepperoni I also add some diced chorizo. Gives it even more flavour.
Added some chicken was so tasty, another new favourite
Absolutely scrummy…pepperoni pizza, meets pasta! 😋
This is a match made in heaven…pepperoni pizza meets pasta! What’s not to love. Crammed full of veggies I know it’s healthier, but tastes really naughty!
Full of flavour & very filling
Easily adaptable for various diets
I used Quorn pepperoni and cathedral city plant based cheese to make this veggie/vegan/dairy free, was delicious!
Make it veggie by using Quorn Pepperoni!
I added mushrooms and swapped to quorn pepperoni! Absolutely delicious and makes 6 portions so perfect for leftovers or freeze for another day!
I used low fat cheddar instead of mozzerella and dried basil. It was delicious!
This freezes really well so I batch cook it for those late nights, it’s also delicious cold for pack ups. Very versatile, very cheap, very delicious
Another delicious meal
I added mushrooms and sweetcorn to mine as its the 2 things I enjoy on a pizza.
Quick, simple and straightforward
Sometimes I add a finely chopped chilli for that extra kick
I didn’t have any fresh basil but swapped for dried basil and still tasted delicious.
Extra flavour
For added flavour and spice I recommend adding chilli flakes, smoked paprika and thyme to the original ingredients. Gave my pasta a little extra kick and was so flavoursome. I also added a diced chicken breast for extra depth 😋
Yummy, but a little too tomatoey
Swapped out the pepperoni for ham as most the family don't like pepperoni. Was a little too tomatoey for me so may swap half the passata out for stock next time. Still delicious and easy to make
Pizza pasta amazing
Chop the pepperoni up smaller so you get some with every mouthful also add chilli flakes for a extra heat
Swaped the peperoni for bacon bits as I cannot eat spicy things.
Add in a small handful of diced chicken breast for that extra meaty flavour

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