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Step away from the takeaway app! These meals are optimised for batch cooking meaning you can up the quantities, and you’ve got a load of easy-peasy meals in the fridge and freezer that are ready when you are. Great for meal prepping or planning ahead with our Pinch of Nom Planner, you can batch cook some of our Everyday Light and Weekly Indulgence recipes for those days you’d be otherwise tempted. Quick, simple and budget friendly to boot – let’s do this!

Chocolate Orange Profiteroles pinchofnom.com
A Bit Trickier
  • 1HR 30
  • 54KCal
Beef Bourguignon pinchofnom.com
Easy Peasy
  • 2HR 50
  • 320KCal
Bangers and Mash Pie pinchofnom.com
Cookbook Comfort Food pinchofnom.com
  • 45MINS
  • 392KCal
Slow Cooker Beef Bourguignon pinchofnom.com
Easy Peasy
  • 5HR 15
  • 320KCal
Instant Pot Beef Bourguignon pinchofnom.com
Easy Peasy
  • 1HR 10
  • 320KCal
Coconut, Banana and Maple Porridge pinchofnom.com
Easy Peasy
  • 15MINS
  • 269KCal
Tear & Share Cheesy Garlic Dough Balls pinchofnom.com
A Bit Trickier
  • 2HR 12
  • 74KCal
Steak Bakes pinchofnom.com
Easy Peasy
  • 179KCal
Roasted Vegetable Risotto pinchofnom.com
Easy Peasy
  • 274KCal

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